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List of short film festivals by continent.


Name Est. City Country Website
Independent Mzansi Short Film Festival 2014 Pretoria  South Africa


Name Est. City Country Website
Beta Movement : International Students Short Film Festival 2011 New Delhi  India Beta Movement students short film festival, organised by inmotion, the film society at SPA, New Delhi, in association with NCA, Lahore and UAP, Dhaka. [1][2][3][4][5]
IAFOR Open Film Competition 2012 Osaka  Japan
Short Shorts Film Festival 1999 Tokyo  Japan
Sapporo International Short Film Festival 2006 Sapporo  Japan
Thai Short Film and Video Festival 1997 Bangkok  Thailand
Traveling Shorts Film Festival 2012 Hiroshima  Japan


Name Est. City Country Website
Flickerfest International Short Film Festival 1991 Sydney  Australia
Colourfest Film Festival 2010 Sydney  Australia
Short Sharp Film Festival 2007 Coffs Harbour  Australia
Trasharama A-Go-Go 1997  Australia


Name Est. City Country Website
Amarcort Film Festival 2008 Rimini  Italy
Izmir International Short Film Festival 1999 Izmir  Turkey
Brussels Short Film Festival 1998 Brussels  Belgium
Ibero-American Festival of Short films ABC (FIBABC) 2010 Madrid  Spain
Bilbao International Documentary and Short Film Festival 1959 Bilbao  Spain
Castellincorto - short films competition at Castellinaria International Film Festival 1988 Bellinzona   Switzerland
CineFringe Film Festival 2010 Edinburgh  United Kingdom
Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival 1979 Clermont-Ferrand  France
Colchester Film Festival 2012 Colchester  United Kingdom
Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival 1995 Bristol  United Kingdom
L'Inconnu Festival 2002 Paris  France
Ibero-American Festival of Short films ABC (FIBABC) 2010 Madrid  Spain
Insight Film Festival 2007 Manchester  United Kingdom
Oberhausen International Short Film Festival 1954 Oberhausen  Germany
International student short-film festival of Cergy-Pontoise 1991 Cergy-Pontoise  France
Kinemastik International Short Film Festival 2004 Valletta  Malta
Porto7 Oporto International Short Film Festival 2008 Porto  Portugal
Reggio Film Festival 2002 Reggio Emilia  Italy
Tampere Film Festival 1969 Tampere  Finland
Uppsala International Short Film Festival 1982 Uppsala  Sweden
Vienna Independent Shorts 2004 Vienna  Austria
WachOut! 2012 Tetovo  Macedonia
Wiz-Art 2008 Lviv  Ukraine
La Boca del Lobo International Short Film Festival 1998 Madrid  Spain
ClujShorts - International Short Film Festival 2013 Cluj-Napoca  Romania
Go Short - International Short Film Festival Nijmegen 2009 Nijmegen  Netherlands

French Polynesia[edit]

Name Est. City Country Website
Vini film festival on Tntv 2012 Papeete  French Polynesia
International Festival of Short Fiction Films from the Islands of the World: Courts des îles 2013 Papeete  French Polynesia

North America[edit]

Name Est. City Country Website
24FPS International Short Film Festival 1999 Abilene, Texas  United States
Action/Cut International Short Film Festival 2003 Los Angeles, California  United States
Aspen Shortsfest 1979 Aspen, Colorado  United States
Chicago International Reel Shorts Festival 2003 Chicago  United States
Los Angeles International Short Film Festival 1997 Los Angeles  United States
Macabre Faire Film Festival 2012 Long Island  United States
Miami Short Film Festival 2002 Miami  United States
Knickerbocker Film Festival 2009 Albany, New York  United States
Palm Springs International Shortfest 1989 Palm Springs  United States
Poppy Jasper International Short Film Festival 1994 Morgan Hill  United States
CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival 1994 Toronto  Canada
Reel Shorts Film Festival 2007 Grande Prairie, Alberta  Canada
Rumschpringe International Short Film Festival 2007 Lancaster, Pennsylvania  United States
Saguenay International Short film Festival 1996 Saguenay, Quebec  Canada
Festival de Courts Métrages de Boucherville (Boucherville Short Film Festival) 2011 Boucherville, Quebec  Canada
Indie Fest USA Int'l Film Festival 2006 Garden Grove, California  United States
Indiana Short Film Festival 2011 Danville, Indiana  United States