List of supermarket chains in Denmark

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This is a list of supermarket chains in Denmark.


Name Stores Type of store Parent
SPAR 504 convenience Denmark Dagrofa
Min købmand (SPAR) convenience Denmark Dagrofa
SuperBest 90 (2014)[1] Denmark Dagrofa
Euro Spar Denmark Dagrofa
Netto 454 discount Denmark Dansk Supermarked A/S
Døgn Netto 45 discount Denmark Dansk Supermarked A/S
Kvickly 81 Denmark Coop Danmark
Aldi 244 discount Germany Aldi
Bilka 18 hypermarket Denmark Dansk Supermarked A/S
Dagli'Brugsen Denmark Coop Danmark
Super Brugsen 250 Denmark Coop Danmark
Fakta 374 discount Denmark Coop Danmark
Fakta Quick Denmark Coop Danmark
føtex 76 Denmark Dansk Supermarked A/S
Irma 71 Denmark Coop Danmark
Irma City Denmark Coop Danmark
Kiwi 110 discount Denmark Dagrofa
Kvickly Xtra Denmark Coop Danmark
Lidl 90 discount Germany Lidl
LokalBrugsen convenience Denmark Coop Danmark
Løvbjerg 16 Denmark Løvbjerg Supermarket A / S
REMA 1000 210 discount Norway Reitan Group