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Live from the Artists Den is a three-time New York Emmy-nominated music television series that features popular recording artists performing in non-traditional settings throughout North America. Live from the Artists Den broadcasts nationally on public television (now in its 7th season) and internationally in Japan, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Israel and Latin America.

Featured artists have included Adele, Mumford and Sons, Rufus Wainwright, Norah Jones, Soundgarden, Vampire Weekend, Kid Rock, Robert Plant, The Fray, Elvis Costello, The National, Ringo Starr, Death Cab for Cutie, Ed Sheeran, Phoenix, and Tori Amos. Featured venues have included Graceland, the first art museum in America, a Masonic temple, a former Archdiocese cathedral, a 1930s silent movie theater, the world’s oldest merchant sailing vessel, the New York Public Library, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. A full listing of previously featured artists, TV episodes, and venues can be viewed at

Live CDs, DVDs, and digital downloads of Artists Den performances can be purchased online via iTunes and the Artists Den website.


Each hour-long episode of Live from the Artists Den contains an intimate performance and interview with the featured artist(s). Mark Lieberman (Executive Producer) and Alan Light (Director of Programming) select artists with a reputation for impressive live performances, and locations are chosen for their historical significance, beauty, and/or sentimental value to the artist. The series differs from similar shows in that the venue is as much a distinguishing feature of the show as the performance. The audience for each intimate, invitation-only performance is selected via the official Artists Den mailing list.


Season One[edit]

Season One premiered in February 2009.

Season Two[edit]

Season Two premiered July 5, 2010.

Season Three[edit]

Season Three premiered April 1, 2011.

Season Four[edit]

Season Four premiered February 3, 2012.

Season Five[edit]

Season Five premiered October 5, 2012.

Season Six[edit]

Season Six premiered in July 2013

Season Seven[edit]

Season Seven premiered in January 2014

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