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This article is about the 1989 film. For the song by Dr Alban, see Look Who's Talking (song). For the racehorse, see Look Who's Talking (horse).
Look Who's Talking
Look whos talking.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed by Amy Heckerling
Produced by Jonathan D. Krane
Written by Amy Heckerling
Music by David Kitay
Cinematography Thomas Del Ruth
Edited by Debra Chiate
M.C.E.G. Productions, Inc.
Distributed by Tri-Star Pictures
Release dates
  • October 13, 1989 (1989-10-13)
Running time
96 minutes [1]
Country United States
Language English
Budget $7.5 million[2]
Box office $296,999,813[3]

Look Who's Talking is a 1989 romantic comedy film written and directed by Amy Heckerling and starring John Travolta and Kirstie Alley.[4] Bruce Willis plays the voice of Mollie's son, Mikey.[5] The film features George Segal as Albert, the illegitimate father of Mikey.


Mollie is an accountant living and working in New York City and is having an affair with a fast food executive named Albert. He is married to a woman named Beth and has two daughters with her, but is a womanizer and (unbeknownst to Mollie) is cheating on Beth with multiple women. Although Mollie tries to fight the temptation and keep the relationship as professional as he can, as he is reluctant to leave Beth permanently, she finally gives in and has sex with him in her office.

Mollie finds out later that her actions resulted in a life-changing consequence: she is pregnant. Albert is excited for her, as is her best friend and coworker, Rona, who is coincidentally suspicious about Albert's excuses to avoid leaving Beth. Mollie, however, is embarrassed over the entire incident and does not want to tell anybody the real reason for her pregnancy. She decides to leave him and Rona as the only two people who know the real reason and tell everyone else, including her overbearing parents, that she got pregnant via artificial insemination.

In the meantime, Mollie confronts Albert about his continuing to stay married despite all of the things they are going through. He tells her that he finally decided to move out of his house and get his own apartment. She is excited but he does not want her to come over right away. Later, as Rona takes her out shopping for clothes, she discovers the real reason why. He and his interior decorator, Melissa, are making out in the same store they are shopping in and they inadvertently reveal themselves to everyone there. She storms out, and he chases after her to try to explain. She learns about his other affair, that Beth knew about Melissa but was never told about Mollie (or for that matter, the pregnancy), and Albert says he is going through a "selfish phase". Out of frustration, Mollie attacks him and runs off feeling heartbroken, angry, and betrayed.

These feelings quickly subside as Mollie suddenly discovers she has another problem to deal with: she has gone into labor. Hailing a cab driven by James Ubriacco, she tells him to take her to the hospital. He sees what is going on and decides the best thing to do is to get her there as fast as he can, which involves him taking her on a wild ride through the back alleys of Manhattan.

James gets Mollie to the hospital, but is compelled to stay because the staff believe he is the father and witnesses the birth of the baby, a boy she names Michael but nicknames "Mikey". A few days later, James shows up at her apartment with her purse, which she left in the taxi when they went to the hospital. Over the next few weeks, he becomes more and more of a part of their lives as Mikey begins to start doing things like crawl and walk. One day, Mollie discovers that he has been using her address without her knowledge. After she catches him in the act, he tells her the reasoning. His grandfather, Vincent, is living in a home and James is his only relative close by, but since he lives in New Jersey, Vincent's place in the home is in jeopardy. Mollie threatens to have him arrested, but he convinces her to let him babysit Mikey as a way of repaying her.

Meanwhile, Mollie resumes her quest to find a father for Mikey and begins dating again. However, each of her three attempts ends in disaster as she dates a man with a short temper, one with obsessive-compulsive disorder, and one who works with her father. By the time of the third date, James has started to develop his own set of feelings for her and decides to sabotage the date by convincing the man that she likes to pay for everything (which he does not appreciate). When she gets home from that date she realizes that Mikey has begun to bond with James and that perhaps she should give him a chance. She helps him set Vincent up in a new nursing home, and he takes her out to lunch and for a flying lesson in his plane. She nearly gives in to him like she had before, but has a vision that life with him would be just one constant problem after another and asks him to leave as she does not want to go that far.

Shortly thereafter, Mollie is forced by her boss to work with Albert again and despite her concerns, she goes to his office. She is not interested in hearing what he has to say at first, but he expresses what appears to be a sincere desire to be involved in Mikey's life and wants to see him. She tells him to stop by her apartment later that evening, but never tells James that he is coming over and when he gets there and asks to see Mikey, James confronts him about being a real father as he does not know anything about Mikey and James actually knows much more. They fight and James throws Albert out.

When Mollie gets home, James demands to know why she lied to him about being artificially inseminated. She tells him that she was too scared to tell anybody that she got pregnant by a married man. He tells her that she should not allow Albert to see Mikey anymore, but she refuses to listen and tells him that he is not responsible enough to be Mikey's father despite being the closest thing he has to one. He loses it, telling her she has no room to tell him about responsibility due to her affair with Albert and that he is not going to let her use Mikey to intimidate him and storms off. The next day, while she is at work, he comes to her apartment while Mikey's nanny is taking care of him and tells him that he will most likely not be able to see him anymore. Mollie comes home while he is talking to Mikey and listens to him on the baby monitor as he pours his heart out to Mikey and says he will miss him.

Mollie finally decides to let Albert see Mikey and brings him on a visit to his office. Although he appears to take kindly to Mikey at first, he tells Mollie that he can't be the father to him that she wants him to be because he has already been through that and does not want to do so again. She responds by destroying his office with an enthusiastic Mikey's help and leaves, putting him out of their lives for good.

The next morning, Mollie apologizes to Mikey and remarks about how everyone else seems to love him, especially James. He hands her his toy telephone, suggesting she call him. Just as this happens, she receives a call from Vincent's nursing home about an incident involving his attacking of an orderly and a nurse. She is able to convince the manager to let him stay, as there was a miscommunication between James and one of the orderlies. James sees her and thanks her, but they are still barely on speaking terms from the fight and do not say much else.

Meanwhile, Mikey has wandered off and has made his way outside the nursing home. He sees a taxi and, believing it to be James', he climbs in as it is being towed away. Realizing what has happened, James and Mollie take off in pursuit and are able to catch up to the tow truck. She runs to the towed cab but sees Mikey has somehow escaped from it. James spots him standing in the middle of the road and charges after him, picking him up just before a car can hit him. With him now safe, James and Mollie turn to each other and he says his first word, "da-da". Realizing that he called James "da-da", Mollie comes to the realization that he might be the perfect father for him after all and they kiss.

As the credits roll, James and an older Mikey are shown walking through the hospital to see Mollie (now married to James), who has just given birth to Mikey's half-sister, Julie.



The film had received mixed reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes, it has a score of 58% based on reviews from 33 critics.[6]

The film grossed $140,088,813 domestically and a worldwide total of $296,999,813,[3] making it Travolta's most successful film in 11 years since Grease.

Sequels and reboot[edit]

The film was successful enough to spawn two sequels: Look Who's Talking Too (1990) and Look Who's Talking Now (1993). The success of the first two films also inspired an ABC sitcom called Baby Talk, which aired from 1991–92 and featured Tony Danza as the voice of "Baby Mickey." John Travolta, Kirstie Alley, and Olympia Dukakis are the only actors to appear in all three films in the series.

On April 6, 2010, it was reported that Fast & Furious producer Neal H. Moritz is planning to reboot the series.[7]


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