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A love song is a song about being in love, falling in love, heartbreak upon the ending of a loving relationship, and the feelings that these experiences bring.[1] A comprehensive list of even the most well known performers and composers of love songs would be a large order.

Love songs span a variety of genres, including R&B, soft rock, pop, country, jazz, blues, reggae, rap, and heavy metal containing rock ballads.[1]


Love songs have been around for centuries[when?] and can be found in the histories and cultures of most societies, though their ubiquity is a modern phenomenon.[citation needed]

A highly controversial and startling explanation of the genesis of love songs can be found in Denis de Rougemont's "Love in the Western World".[2] De Rougemont's thesis is that love songs grew out of the courtly love songs of the troubadours, and that those songs represented a rejection of the historical Christian notion of love.

Identities of love songs change from time to time, from the decade of love in the '70s, through night partying in the '80s, and into dark romance of the '90s. Love songs did not have an identity in the 2000s.[1]

Famous love songs[edit]

Some of the famous love songs are written by some of the most famous songwriters and acts, including Janet Jackson (ex: "Come Back To Me"), Mariah Carey (ex: "Fantasy"), Whitney Houston (ex: "I Will Always Love You"), Elton John (ex: "Your Song", "Something About The Way You Look Tonight"), Céline Dion (ex: "My Heart Will Go On"), Elvis Presley (ex: "Can't Help Falling in Love", "Love Me Tender"), Roy Orbison, Frank Sinatra, Phil Collins, Bob Dylan (ex: "I Want You"), Paul McCartney (ex: "Maybe I'm Amazed"), Sonny & Cher (ex: "I Got You Babe"), The Beatles (ex: "Something"), The Beach Boys (ex: "God Only Knows"), Westlife (ex: "My Love"), and The Eagles (ex: "Love Will Keep Us Alive").


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