Film Academy of the Philippines

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Film Academy of the Philippines
Abbreviation FAP
Formation 1981
Type Film organization
Headquarters Philippines
Director-General Leo Martinez
Main organ Board of Directors

Established in 1981, the Film Academy of the Philippines (FAP or Luna Awards) is the Philippines' official counterpart of the United States' Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The FAP was founded through Executive Order 640-A, signed by former President of the Philippines Ferdinand Marcos. The academy serves as the umbrella organization of various guilds of the movie industry that organize and supervise activities to optimize competency. The FAP gives recognition and awards to film artists, technicians and workers for their outstanding performances and achievements. The Film Academy of the Philippines Awards, shortened as the FAP Awards, have been given since 1983. The purpose of the 1983 award ceremony was to honor film achievements in 1982. In 2005, the name of the award was officially changed into Luna Awards.

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