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Flexity Swift M5000
Shudehill Metrolink.jpg
M5000 3012 at Shudehill Interchange
M5000 Interior.jpg
The interior of M5000 no* 3010 on a service to Piccadilly
Manufacturer Bombardier Transportation and Vossloh Kiepe
Built at Bautzen, Germany
Vienna, Austria
Assembly and testing
Family name Flexity Swift
Constructed 2009–ongoing
Number built 84 (116 planned by 2016)
Number in service 83 (3013 out of service )
Number scrapped 0
Formation 1 or 2 vehicles
Fleet numbers 3001–3094
Capacity 52/8 or 60/6 seats, 146 standing per vehicle
Operator Metrolink
Line(s) served All Metrolink Lines
Car body construction Aluminium
Car length 28.4 m
Width 2.65 m
Height 3.67 m
Articulated sections 2
Maximum speed 50 mph (80 km/h)
Weight 39.7t per vehicle
Engine(s) 4x 120kw Bombardier Three-phase AC motors
Power supply 750v DC OHLE
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge

The M5000 is a model of light rail passenger vehicle. It is part of the Flexity Swift range of vehicles, built specifically as a high-floor, articulated bi-directional tram to operate solely on the Metrolink system in Greater Manchester, England.

The M5000 can be operated as single or double vehicles, the latter providing capacity for over 400 passengers at any one time. The first M5000 entered service on 21 December 2009. The M5000 become the sole-operating model on the Metrolink system after the retirement of the original T-68 fleet in May 2014.[1]


In April 2007 eight Flexity Swift LRVs were ordered by the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive for Metrolink. They were designated M5000, and are similar in design to the K5000 series used in the German cities of Cologne and Bonn, and comparable to the low-floor CR4000 model used by Croydon's Tramlink. M5000s are constructed by the Canadian manufacturer Bombardier Transportation at its factories in Bautzen, Germany and test facility in Vienna, Austria,[2] with all electrical equipment supplied by Vossloh Kiepe of Werdohl, Germany.[3]

Each vehicle is 28.4 metres (93 ft) long. Numbers 3001 to 3074 have 52 standard seats with a further 8 "perch" seats, while numbers 3075 upwards have 60 standard seats and 6 perch seats; there are also two wheelchair spaces. one in each half of the tram. At a standard 4 persons per square metre there is space for 146 standing passengers, giving each vehicle a total peak capacity of 206 passengers when they entered service in autumn 2009[4] The new vehicles will enable all the Bury–Altrincham direct services to operate in pairs, increasing capacity, this is dependent on the commissioning into service of all vehicles currently delivered and the timings of the T-68/T-68A refurbishment programme. A further four vehicles of this type have been ordered to allow for a new 12-minute service between Cornbrook and the new MediaCity UK extension in Salford Quays.

Two M5000s working in pairs, on the East Manchester Line.

On 24 June 2008 a further 28 trams were ordered for the extensions to Oldham and Rochdale, Droylsden in Tameside, and Chorlton in South Manchester. All the new vehicles are being built by Bombardier in Vienna, Austria, and will cost just over £2 million each. The current order book is for 40 new Metrolink vehicles for the Media:City and Phase 3A expansions.[5] The first delivery of the new trams from Bombardier arrived at Metrolink's Queens Road depot on 13 July 2009, and the first of these new trams entered service on 21 December 2009.[6][7]

On 8 March 2010 another 8 trams were ordered for the Ashton and Didsbury line extensions, due for completion in autumn 2013–2014.[8] Fourteen additional trams were ordered August 2010,[8] twelve trams will be for the Manchester Airport line service and one each for the Oldham and Rochdale town centre extensions.[9] In October 2011, a further 12 units were ordered by TfGM as part of the initial stages of creating a uniform fleet for Metrolink, with the plan that the oldest 12 T-68 vehicles be withdrawn and replaced by the newly ordered vehicles[10] this was followed by an order in July 2012 for the final 20 T68 replacements taking the class size to 94.[11] In 2013 ten more were ordered in anticipation of the Trafford Line before the production line closed, they will be used upon delivery until the Trafford Line opens to keep the extension of the MediaCityUK service from Cornbrook to the city centre running and for general capacity enhancement.[12] In July 2014, TfGM announced that it had secured funding for the purchase of a further 12 M5000 trams; bringing the expected total up to 116.[13]

3001–3012 were fitted with the old signalling system so they could operate but with 3001/02 out of service long-term 3013 was retro-fitted and operational. 3014/15 have now been fitted with the old signalling system following the opening of the South Manchester Line to St Werburgh's Road. As of August 2011 3016 was in service. During the summer of 2012, several T68 trams were withdrawn. The signaling equipment from these trams were transferred to units 3029–3040. As of 20 June 2014 trams up to and including 3083 had been delivered.

Units in service[edit]

  • 3001–3012: original units retrofitted with existing signaling system to operate existing metrolink services
  • 3013–3025: second batch of trams retrofitted with existing signaling system for South Manchester and Oldham Line openings
  • 3026–3030: received old signaling system from five T-68/T-68A trams withdrawn before the Olympics
  • 3037–3040: received old signaling equipment from T-68/T-68A trams, for strengthening services during the Olympics
  • 3031–3036: received old signaling equipment from the six T-68/T-68A trams withdrawn since the Olympics
  • 3041–3045: received / receiving old signaling equipment for the East Manchester Line opening to Droylsden
  • 3046-3049: received old signalling equipment for Shaw to Rochdale opening.
  • 3052, 3054, 3055, 3057: equipped with old signalling equipment possibly for the opening of the South Manchester Line and additional double trams.
  • 3050, 3051, 3053, 3056, 3058, 3059: in service
  • 3060: retrofitted with old signaling equipment (possibly factory fitted like 3001–3012)
  • 3061-3083: Now in service as public trams

3013 is out of service following a road traffic collision on the Eccles line. 3062 has come out into service on 5th June 2014 for the first time after it was delivered



Date Tram(s) involved Location Type Details
21 September 2010 3002 MediaCityUK Derailment The tram derailed on the second day of service at MediaCity UK through driver error after reversing over partially cleared spring-loaded points[14][15]
28 September 2012 3004 St. Peter's Square Collision The tram was struck by a taxi. The tram was back in service the following day[16]
21 December 2012 3032 Market Street Derailment  ?[17]
6 February 2013 3013 Weaste Collision The tram collided with a HGV. The tram had to be sent back to Vienna for extensive repairs[18]
28 April 2013 3028 Mosley Street Collision The tram was struck by a taxi, but was back in service the following day
31 July 2013 30?? Freehold Person hit A man in his 70s walked in front of a tram at Freehold Metrolink station, in Chadderton. Paramedics pronounced him dead on the scene[19]
1 August 2013 3040 Mosley Street Collision The tram was hit by a car[20]
3 August 2013 3056 Queen's Road depot Derailment The tram, which was not in service, derailed at the entrance to the Queen's Road depot[21]
13 November 2013 3064 Aytoun Street Person hit A man was struck by the tram. He suffered minor bleeding to the head and was conscious at the scene[22]
19 December 2013 3076 Manchester Street Roundabout Collision The car driver was busy looking at a fiat punto 2 lanes over and he did not see the big bright yellow tram, ran a red light and hit the tram when testing the tram for the new Oldham town Centre line.[23]
11 January 2014 3037 High Street (near market street tram stop) Person hit A man was hit by a tram and died of his injuries.[24]
6 March 2014  ???? Holinwood tram stop Vandalism A tram was vandalised at Holinwood causing delays
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