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MT, Mt, mT, mt, or Mt. may refer to:


Computing and the Internet[edit]

Geography and languages[edit]

Media and entertainment[edit]



  • Mobile-terminated, a call, text message or data received on a mobile telephone
  • Mobile Terminal, part of a Mobile Station in the GSM System architecture




Health and medical[edit]


  • MT, the measure for one million Transfer (computing) operations per second
  • Mt, the symbol for megatonne, a unit of mass equal to one million tonnes (109 kg)
  • Mt, the symbol for megaton (of TNT equivalent), a unit of explosive power
  • MT, the symbol for megatesla, the SI unit of magnetic flux density
  • mt or MT, a U.S. abbreviation for the metric ton, an alternative term for tonne, a measurement of mass equal to one thousand kilograms
  • mT, the symbol for millitesla, the SI unit of magnetic flux density
  • MT, Medium Term



Other uses[edit]

  • Master of Arts in Teaching, a graduate degree in teaching. Some schools use the MT (Master of Teaching) designation rather than MAT.
  • Machine taper, a system for securing accessories to a machine tool (or Morse taper, one particular type of machine taper)
  • Modus tollens, a concept in logic
  • Muay Thai, Thai martial art
  • The Musical Times, a classical music journal
  • "Membership Training", a casual term used in Korea that refers to trips taken for the purpose of team building
  • Medical Technologist, an allied health professional who exercises technical and scientific functions in medical laboratories.
  • MT (the Latin letter combination, pronounced as in English) in Korean culture stands for "membership training" - an even common to if not universal in Korean universities as well being common in companies. It is a sort of bonding event, usually held off-site and lasting about one to three days. For example,

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