Ma Tau Wai Station

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Ma Tau Wai
Hong Kong MTR rapid transit station
Hong Kong MTR system map
Hong Kong MTR system map

Location of Ma Tau Wai Station in Hong Kong
Station location and services
Line  East West Corridor
Code MTW
District Kowloon City
Area To Kwa Wan
Coordinates 22°19′02″N 114°11′15″E / 22.3172°N 114.1876°E / 22.3172; 114.1876Coordinates: 22°19′02″N 114°11′15″E / 22.3172°N 114.1876°E / 22.3172; 114.1876
Station design
Livery  SeaBlue
Structure Underground
Platforms 2
Type of platforms Split
Exits 4
Expected open 2018

Ma Tau Wai is a station on the proposed East West Corridor of the Sha Tin to Central Link. It will serve the central To Kwa Wan area. The station is located beneath the Ma Tau Wai Road bounded by Chi Kiang Street, Kiang Su Street, Lok Shan Road and Sheung Heung Road.


  • Exit A will be located at the existing Lok Shan Road Playground and a ventilation louver will be located near To Kwa Wan Complex Playground
  • Exit B will be located at Lok Shan Road
  • Exit C will be located at Kiang Su Street
  • Exit D will be located at Ma Tau Wai Road/To Kwa Wan Road Garden

Neighbouring stations[edit]

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