Mamed Khalidov

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Mamed Khalidov
Мамед Халидов
Mamed Khalidov KSW XVI (cropped).jpg
Born Mamed Khalidov
(1980-07-17) July 17, 1980 (age 34)
Grozny, Chechen–Ingush ASSR, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union
Native name Мамед Халидов
Other names Cannibal
Nationality Chechen
Height 1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)
Weight 84 kg (185 lb; 13 st 3 lb)
Division Middleweight (185 lb)
Light Heavyweight (205 lb)
Reach 75 in (191 cm)
Style Kyokushin Karate, Submission Wrestling, Muay Thai
Fighting out of Olsztyn, Poland
Team Arrachion MMA Fighters Team Olsztyn [1]
KSW Team [2]
Rank Black belt in Kyokushin
Black belt in Taekwondo
Purple belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu
Years active 2004 - present (MMA)
Mixed martial arts record
Total 35
Wins 29
By knockout 11
By submission 17
By decision 1
Losses 4
By knockout 1
By submission 2
By decision 1
Draws 2
Other information
Mixed martial arts record from Sherdog

Mamed Khalidov (Russian: Мамед Халидов, Mamed Xalidov/Polish: Mamed Chalidow; born 17 July 1980 in Grozny) is a Chechen mixed martial artist with Polish citizenship, competing in the Middleweight division of Polish MMA promotion KSW.[1] Khalidov is currently undefeated in the promotion. As of October 2013, Khalidov is ranked the #10 middleweight in the world by Sherdog.[2]


Mamed Khalidov was born in Chechenia. He began practicing Kyokushin around age of 12 or 13 where he also holds black belt in. At age of 17 he fled from his homeland to Poland and continued practicing kyokushin while adding other combat styles on his repertoire such as Taekwondo, Wrestling and Boxing soon after his arrival. He also became competitive in all sports. Later he also became interested interested about becoming mixed martial artist and went training Mixed martial arts, Muay Thai, Combat Sambo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Grappling.

Mixed martial arts career[edit]

As of December 2011, Khalidov has fought eleven times under the KSW banner, though never featuring in a tournament, instead fighting individually such opponents as Daniel Tabera and Matt Lindland.

Khalidov made his US debut with EliteXC on their October 10, 2008 ShoXC card against American Jason Guida.[3] After almost two hard-fought rounds, Khalidov stopped Guida on the feet with an unanswered torrent of punches.

Following the collapse of EliteXC, Khalidov has expressed interest in a hasty return to KSW, as previously outlined by his signing with ProElite in favor of nonexclusive contract status. Due to a broken hand, Khalidov was unable to return for KSW X on December 12, 2008. Following his recovery, he fought PRIDE veteran Daniel Acacio at KSW XI on 15 May, knocking him out in 1:10 minutes of the first round to win the newly created KSW Light Heavyweight Championship belt.

Khalidov signed a three fight deal with World Victory Road Sengoku and his first appearance for the promotion was on the November 7th card against Sengoku middleweight champion Jorge Santiago. Although, the fight was not a title bout,[4] Khalidov defeated Santiago via first round TKO. A rematch of the bout was held at World Victory Road Presents: Sengoku Raiden Championships 12 on March 7, 2010 for the Middleweight Championship, which Khalidov lost via controversial unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 48-47).

At KSW XIII Mamed fought Ryuta Sakurai to a draw. Sakurai secured a kimura early in the first round, but Khalidov escaped. During the rest of the fight he had 6 submission attempts including 4 guilotine chokes, 1 ankle lock and 1 heel hook, but couldn't force the tap from Sakurai.

Mamed Khalidov was expected to face Thales Leites and later Matt Lindland at KSW XV[5] However, both fighters were pulled from the card. Instead, Khalidov faced James Irvin at the event and won via submission at 0:33 into the first round. He eventually faced Lindland at KSW 16 in May 2011 and won via submission in the first round.

Khalidov was originally scheduled to face Paulo Filho at KSW 17. However, Filho was forced out of the bout due to him going into rehab for a drug addiction and he was replaced by Jesse Taylor. Khalidov won the fight via submission (kneebar) in the first round.

Khalidov next competed against former UFC fighter Rodney Wallace on May 12, 2012 at KSW 19. He won the fight via KO in the first round.

On December 1, 2012 he defeated Kendall Grove and won the fight via submission (achilles lock). Khalidov next faced Melvin Manhoef at KSW 23 on June 8, 2013, winning the fight by front choke in the first round.

Championships and accomplishments[edit]

Mixed martial arts[edit]

Submission grappling[edit]

Mixed martial arts record[edit]

Res. Record Opponent Method Event Date Round Time Location Notes
Win 29–4–2 Maiquel Falcão Submission (armbar) KSW 27 May 17, 2014 1 4:52 Gdańsk, Poland
Win 28–4–2 Ryuta Sakurai Submission (triangle choke) KSW 25 December 7, 2013 1 2:03 Wrocław, Poland
Win 27–4–2 Melvin Manhoef Submission (guillotine choke) KSW 23 June 8, 2013 1 2:09 Gdańsk, Poland Catchweight (87 kg); Khalidov failed to make weight.
Win 26–4–2 Kendall Grove Submission (achilles lock) KSW 21 December 1, 2012 2 3:27 Warsaw, Poland
Win 25–4–2 Rodney Wallace KO (punch) KSW 19 May 12, 2012 1 1:55 Łódź, Poland
Win 24–4–2 Jesse Taylor Submission (kneebar) KSW 17 November 26, 2011 1 1:42 Łódź,Poland
Win 23–4–2 Matt Lindland Technical Submission (guillotine choke) KSW 16 May 21, 2011 1 1:35 Gdańsk, Poland
Win 22–4–2 James Irvin Submission (armbar) KSW 15 March 19, 2011 1 0:33 Warsaw, Poland Irvin exceeded weight limit by 15 lbs.
Win 21–4–2 Yuki Sasaki TKO (punches) World Victory Road Presents: Soul of Fight December 30, 2010 1 2:22 Tokyo, Japan
Draw 20–4–2 Ryuta Sakurai Draw KSW 13 May 7, 2010 4 3:00 Katowice, Poland Retained KSW Light Heavyweight Championship.
Loss 20–4–1 Jorge Santiago Decision (unanimous) World Victory Road Presents: Sengoku 12 March 7, 2010 5 5:00 Tokyo, Japan For Sengoku Middleweight Championship.
Win 20–3–1 Jorge Santiago KO (punches) World Victory Road Presents: Sengoku 11 November 7, 2009 1 2:45 Tokyo, Japan Non-title bout.
Win 19–3–1 Daniel Acácio KO (punches) KSW 11 May 15, 2009 1 1:10 Warsaw, Poland Won inaugural KSW Light Heavyweight Championship.
Win 18–3–1 Jason Guida TKO (punches) ShoXC October 10, 2008 2 4:53 Hammond, Indiana, United States
Draw 17–3–1 Daniel Tabera Draw KSW - Extra September 13, 2008 3 3:00 Dąbrowa Górnicza, Poland
Win 17–3 Valdas Pocevičius Submission (guillotine choke) KSW 9 - Konfrontacja May 9, 2008 1 0:52 Warsaw, Poland
Win 16–3 Petr Ondrus TKO (hand injury) KSW - Elimination II March 29, 2008 2 5:00 Wrocław, Poland
Win 15–3 Dave Dalgliesh Submission (armbar) KSW 8 - Konfrontacja November 10, 2007 1 1:52 Warsaw, Poland
Win 14–3 Martin Zawada Submission (ankle lock) KSW - Eliminations September 15, 2007 1 4:22 Warsaw, Poland
Win 13–3 Igor Pokrajac Submission (kneebar) Boxing Explosion 2 August 2, 2007 2 2:33 Zagreb, Croatia
Win 12–3 Alexander Stefanovic TKO (punches) KSW 7 - Konfrontacja June 2, 2007 1 3:01 Warsaw, Poland
Win 11–3 Tor Troéng Submission (triangle choke) FCP 3 - Khalidov vs. Troeng February 25, 2007 1 0:55 Poznań, Poland
Win 10–3 Michał Garnys Submission (punches) Extreme Cage 2 November 19, 2006 3 0:11 Warsaw, Poland
Win 9–3 Rashid Magomadov Submission (triangle choke) President's Cup - Muay Thai Tournament September 2, 2006 1 2:45 Grozny, Russia
Win 8–3 Jacek Buczko TKO (punches) Full Contact Prestige 2 April 8, 2006 1 4:51 Warsaw, Poland Won FCP Middleweight Championship.
Win 7–3 Andrzej Kosecki Submission (strikes) Extreme Cage 1 March 5, 2006 1 3:27 Warsaw, Poland
Win 6–3 Paweł Kryś KO (punch) Full Contact Prestige January 15, 2006 1 0:45 Warsaw, Poland
Win 5–3 Andre Reinders KO (punch) MMA Sport 3 October 15, 2005 1 0:39 Warsaw, Poland
Win 4–3 Danielius Razmus Submission (armbar) MMA Sport 3 October 15, 2005 1 1:46 Warsaw, Poland
Loss 3–3 Valdas Pocevičius Submission (rear-naked choke) Shooto Lithuania - Gladiators 2 September 22, 2005 1 3:15 Vilnius, Lithuania
Win 3–2 Adam Skupień KO (head kick) MMA Sport 2 May 28, 2005 1 0:06 Warsaw, Poland
Win 2–2 Marek Krajewski Submission (punches) MMA Sport 1 March 18, 2005 1 2:34 Warsaw, Poland
Win 1–2 Paweł Klimiewicz Decision (unanimous) Shidokan Poland Gala December 5, 2004 3 5:00 Warsaw, Poland
Loss 0–2 Grazhuydas Smailis Submission (rear-naked choke) Shooto Lithuania - Gladiators September 29, 2004 1 1:54 Vilnius, Lithuania
Loss 0–1 Nerijus Valiukevicius TKO (punches) Shooto Lithuania - Bushido King May 18, 2004 1 4:49 Vilnius, Lithuania

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