Mariana Renata

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Mariana Renata
Born December 31, 1983
Paris, Ile-de-France, France
Alma mater

University of Paris

University of New South Wales
Occupation Actress, Model
Years active 2005-present

Mariana Renata Dantec (born December 31, 1983 in Paris, France) is an Indonesian actress.

Born to a French father Andre Dantec and Indo mother of Javanese-Chinese-Italian descent[citation needed], Anita Kirana, Mariana modeled on the catwalks of Paris, Jakarta, Singapore, Vietnam before she became one of Indonesia's model for Lux's soap brand.[citation needed]

She obtained an undergraduate degree in English Literature from the University of Paris (Sorbonne) and is working on master's degree at the University of New South Wales in business and commerce.[1]

In 2005, she took a supporting role in the Indonesian film Janji Joni, or Joni's Promise, directed by Joko Anwar.[2] She won Most Favorite Supporting Actress at the MTV Indonesia Movie Awards for the role in December 2005.[3]

Among other appearance, she was featured in the made-for-Indonesian-market version of Josh Groban's music video, She's Out of My Life, appeared in the Indonesian version of Rivermaya's song Balisong (Filipino band), and appeared in the Indonesian TV Series Dunia Tanpa Koma (DTK), in a cameo role.[2]

Due to her commitment to her studies, she resigned herself from representing Lux in 2007.[citation needed]

Mariana Renata is one of the Indonesian icon for a beauty soap product, Lux. She and the other three Lux stars, Tamara Blezynski, Dian Sastrowardoyo, and Luna Maya have each just starred in their own short movie. It is part of the Lux campaign 'Your Beauty is your Power' or 'Kecantikanmu adalah Kekuatanmu'. The theme of these four short movies are 'About women, made by women, for women.'These movies can be seen in previews of movies in the certain theatres in Jakarta and Surabaya. After that the four short movies can be watched in TV, in RCTI and SCTV channel. Mariana Renata and Luna Maya's movies are scheduled to be rolled on 10–11 September at RCTI at 20.00. Mariana's short movie is called 'The MatchMaker'. In this movie, she stars as Kay, a young, supple, and friendly woman who likes to match-make her friends. Until one day she meets her perfect guy at a bookstore who turns out to be the owner of the bookstore. But at the end, she match-makes her perfect guy with her other guy friend. This movie tells us that our beauty can be made into the power of making others happy, and not only keeping happiness to yourself but sharing it with others.This movie is another one of Kalyana Shira Films produced by Nia Dinata and directed by Cinzia. The other three movies are 'The Big Day', starring Tamara Blezynski, 'Bukan Kesempatan Yang Terlewat', starring Dian Sastrowardoyo, and 'Maya, Raya, Daya', starring Luna Maya. 'Maya, Raya, Daya' and 'Bukan Kesempatan Yang Terlewat' are two other movies from Miles Films produced by Mira Lesmana. While the other two movies starring Tamara Blezynski and Mariana Renata are under Kalyana Shira Films and produced by Nia Dinata. These movies were made in order to tell women to be strong and to explore their inner and outer beauty. These four short movies will be sent to the International Film Festival in Pusan, Korea.


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