Marvyn, Alabama

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Location of Marvyn in Lee County.
Marvyn's abandoned service station located at the intersection of Alabama Highway 51 and U.S. Highway 80.

Marvyn is an unincorporated community southerly located in Lee County, Alabama, United States. It sits at the crossroads of Alabama Highway 51 and U.S. Highway 80, and in the Lee County "panhandle" between Russell County and Macon County. It is part of the Columbus, Georgia-Alabama Metropolitan Area. The population is 123


Marvyn was originally located in Russell County, but was granted to Lee County in 1923 in exchange for Phenix City.


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Coordinates: 32°26′21″N 85°21′51″W / 32.43917°N 85.36417°W / 32.43917; -85.36417