Micha Sharir

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Micha Sharir
Born 1950 (age 63–64)
Tel Aviv, Israel
Nationality Israeli
Alma mater Tel Aviv University
Thesis Extreme Operators Between Banach Spaces (1976)
Doctoral advisor Aldo Lazar
Doctoral students Pankaj K. Agarwal
Boris Aronov
Klara Kedem
Known for Work in computational geometry

Micha Sharir (Hebrew: מיכה שריר‎; born 1950 in Tel Aviv, Israel) is a professor of computer science at Tel Aviv University, known for his work in computational geometry.

After completing his undergraduate studies at Tel Aviv University in 1970, Sharir received a Ph.D. in mathematics from Tel Aviv in 1976 under the supervision of Aldo Lazar. After continuing his studies with Jack Schwartz at New York University, he joined the faculty at Tel Aviv in 1980, where he now holds the Isaias Nizri Chair in Computational Geometry and Robotics.[1][2]

Sharir was named a Fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery in 1997.[3] He received an honorary doctorate from Utrecht University in 1996, the Feher Foundation Prize in Computer Science from the Jerusalem Institute for Israel Studies in 1999, the Landau Prize for Science and Research in 2002, and the million-dollar EMET Prize in the Exact Sciences from the A.M.N. Foundation in 2007.[1]

Sharir has published over 250 scientific papers[1] and is an ISI highly cited researcher.[4] Along with his Tel Aviv professorship, Sharir holds a research faculty position at New York University.[5]


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