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Michael Bishop (Born 8 September 1968) is an American musician. He attended Thomas Dale High School in Chester, Virginia. Most notably, he was the bass guitarist for the American heavy metal band GWAR. As a member of GWAR, he was the first to play the role of "Beefcake the Mighty".[1] (During his stint however, he would spell it "Beefkake"). In addition to GWAR, Bishop played bass and sang lead vocals for Kepone. Bishop's first band was the Hopewell, VA-based hardcore outfit The Guilty.

The name of Beefcake was taken from Bishop's nickname during his punk years.

He is currently a teacher of music history at the University of Virginia, and is in the final year of his Ph.D. in that subject. He played with the Misery Brothers, a country/soul band local to Charlottesville, Virginia from 2007 to 2009.[2][3][4] He currently performs with Sarah White and the Pearls.[5][6]


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