Missa brevis No. 6

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The Missa brevis No. 6 in G major, K. 140, K3 Anh. 235d, K6 Anh. C 1.12, may have been written by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in 1773 for Salzburg. The mass is scored for soloists, choir, strings and organ, the latter supplying figured bass for most of the duration. The earliest surviving score and parts were prepared by a copyist, "with completions and corrections in Mozart's hand."[1] These were found in a cloister in Augsburg, Germany.

The setting is divided into six movements.

  1. "Kyrie" Andantino, G major, 3/4
  2. "Gloria" Allegro, G major, 6/8
    —"Laudamus te..." Andantino, 3/8
  3. "Credo" Allegro, G major, common time
    —"Et incarnatus est..." Andantino, E-flat major, 3/4
    —"Et resurrexit..." Allegro, G major, common time
  4. "Sanctus" Andante, G major, 3/4
    —"Pleni sunt caeli..." Allegro vivace, 2/4
  5. "Benedictus" Andante, C major, 2/4
    —"Osanna..." Allegro vivace, G major
  6. "Agnus Dei" Andante, G major, common time
    —"Dona nobis pacem..." Allegro, G major, 3/8

Ludwig von Köchel, in the first edition of his catalog of Mozart's music, thought the Mass roughly contemporary with Lucio Silla and "Exsultate, jubilate." Alfred Einstein thought its original composition to be closer to that of the Serenade No. 6 in D major with his revision of Köchel's catalog in 1937, while Franz Giegling et al. thought it not be by Mozart at all. However, they failed to suggest a probable composer.


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