Mr. Magico

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Mr. Magico
Birth name Russ Bahorsky
Genres Punk rock
Shock rock
Occupations guitar
Years active 1985
Labels Shimmy Disc
Metal Blade Records
DRT Entertainment
Slave Pit Inc.
Associated acts Gwar
Death Piggy
Website Gwar official site

Mr. Magico is a character and former member on shock rock band Gwar. It is known that original Death Piggy guitarist Russ Bahorsky's character in the original Gwar lineup was named Mr. Magico. However, it is known for sure if he actually played an instrument for the band. It is believed that his replacement in Death Piggy, Steve Douglas, played guitar as Jaws of Death in the initial Gwar lineup, joined by Oderus Urungus on second guitar and BalSac (Chris Bopst) on bass.