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For other uses, see NRJ (disambiguation).
This article is about the French radio station NRJ. For the group owning the station, see NRJ Group.
City of license Paris
Broadcast area France
Slogan Hit Music Only! (Que des hits sur NRJ!)
Frequency 100.3 MHz (Paris)
106.4 MHz (Marseille)
103.0 MHz (Lyon)
Full list of other frequencies on
First air date 1981
Format CHR
Language(s) French
Owner NRJ Group
Sister stations Chérie FM, Nostalgie, Rire & Chansons

NRJ (NRJ is an acronym read as énergie in French, pronounced [enɛʁʒi]) is a private French radio station created by Jean-Paul Baudecroux and Max Guazzini in June 1981 and belongs to the NRJ Group. It is the founding station of NRJ International.


In June 1981 Jean-Paul Baudecroux created a music radio station for young people, and founded NRJ (standing for Nouvelle Radio des Jeunes). He then sets up its studios in a tiny room in the twentieth arrondissement in a place of high altitude to strategically cover all Paris on 92.0 MHz.

The station is since 1988 expanding internationally. In recent years, it has started broadcasting in countries like:

  • Russia: In June, 2006, Prof Media, a leading Russian media group granted permission to operate the NRJ brand in Russia. NRJ Russia is primarily intended to target at an audience between 18–35 years.
  • Lebanon: Since 6 June 2006, NRJ launches its program on two frequencies in Lebanon. This station is run in English and broadcasts concerts and interviews with international artists products from NRJ France.
  • Québec: In July, 2009, Astral Media and NRJ Group signed an agreement to operate the NRJ brand in Québec. This agreement allowed the group to move its Canadian network énergie under the label NRJ. The change is made in August 24, 2009 to create NRJ Québec.
  • Finland: In 1995, NRJ started operating in Finland.


Name of the station[edit]

NRJ was originally the acronym for Nouvelle radio jeunesse (New Youth Radio) or Nouvelle radio pour les jeunes (New Radio for the Youth), and was not invented to be an allograph of "energy".[citation needed] In the non-French countries where the station also operates, the radio station is simply called Energy, because NRJ can be pronounced phonetically in French as Energy or NRG.


Since the creation of NRJ, several slogans were used:

  • 1981–1985 : La radio stéréotonique
  • 1985–1997 : La plus belle radio
  • From 1997 till 2000: Le plaisir avant tout
  • Since 2007: Hit Music Only !

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