Nadine Shah

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Nadine Shah
Born Whitburn, South Tyneside, England
Genres Jazz, alternative rock, gothic rock, folk rock
Occupations Singer, songwriter, pianist
Years active 2012–present

Nadine Shah is a British singer and songwriter.[1] A regular theme in her reviews has been comparisons to both PJ Harvey and Nick Cave. Her live performance on Radio 4's Loose Ends introduced her as 'a singer so new she doesn't even have a Wikipedia page'.[1]

Shah was born in Whitburn, South Tyneside, to Pakistani-Norwegian parents [1]

An interview by John Freeman for The Quietus highlighted that "Mental health is a hugely important issue for Shah. Her debut album, the compelling, Ben Hillier-produced Love Your Dum And Mad, was largely inspired by the tragic deaths of two young men. "There are two boys that this album is predominantly about," she continues. "During the period of time these songs were written two very close friends took their own lives."

Nadine is a keen speaker on the subject of social stigmas towards those suffering from mental health illnesses. This subject is also touched upon in her own work, tracks such as "Floating" from her début album Love Your Dum and Mad (the title a word play on Mum and Dad).



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