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Nantlle Valley at sunset

The Nantlle Valley (Welsh: Dyffryn Nantlle) is an area in Gwynedd, north Wales, characterised by its large number of small settlements.

Around 80% of the population of the Nantlle Valley speak Welsh as their first language. Some of the communities came into being as a result of slate quarrying in the late eighteenth or early nineteenth centuries. There were a number of quarries in the valley, the largest being the Dorothea and Pen yr Orsedd quarries. Although the major quarries are worked out, there remains demand for slate waste for garden decoration. The horse-drawn Nantlle Railway served the quarries from 1865 to 1963.

In 1991 Antur Nantlle Cyf was established as a community enterprise to work for the benefit of the Nantlle Valley and its surrounding area. The valley was also where Josie Russell and her father lived after the Russell murder case[1]

Slate quarrying[edit]

Dyffryn Nantlle was one of the major slate quarrying regions of Wales during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. There were more than a dozen quarries in the area. The quarries of the area are being considered as a World Heritage site. [2]

Significant quarries include:



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