National Register of Historic Places listings in Faribault County, Minnesota

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Location of Faribault County in Minnesota

This is a list of the National Register of Historic Places listings in Faribault County, Minnesota.

This is intended to be a complete list of the properties and districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Faribault County, Minnesota, United States. The locations of National Register properties and districts for which the latitude and longitude coordinates are included below, may be seen in an online map.

There are 13 properties and districts listed on the National Register in the county. Another property was once listed but has been removed.

This National Park Service list is complete through NPS recent listings posted April 4, 2014.[1]

Current listings[edit]

[2] Name on the Register[3] Image Date listed[4] Location City or town Summary
1 Adams H. Bullis House
Adams H. Bullis House
May 23, 1980
Address Restricted
43°45′39″N 94°06′57″W / 43.760833°N 94.115833°W / 43.760833; -94.115833 (Adams H. Bullis House)
Delavan c. 1875 brick Italianate farmhouse of a politician and cattle breeder.[5]
2 Center Creek Archeological District
September 15, 1976
Both sides of Center Creek above its confluence with the Blue Earth River[6]
43°44′16″N 94°11′00″E / 43.737778°N 94.1833333°E / 43.737778; 94.1833333 (Center Creek Archeological District)
Winnebago Complex of some 50 Oneota villages and activity sites[7] with some evidence of horticulture.[5] Coordinates are those of the Vosburg Site, a part of the complex.[6]
3 Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Depot and Lunchroom
Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Depot and Lunchroom
May 23, 1980
89-100 1st St., NW.
43°44′46″N 93°43′37″W / 43.746045°N 93.726817°W / 43.746045; -93.726817 (Chicago, Milwaukee, St. Paul and Pacific Depot and Lunchroom)
Wells 1903 depot.[5]
4 Church of the Good Shepherd-Episcopal
Church of the Good Shepherd-Episcopal
May 23, 1980
Moore and 8th Sts.
43°38′12″N 94°06′02″W / 43.636735°N 94.100628°W / 43.636735; -94.100628 (Church of the Good Shepherd-Episcopal)
Blue Earth 1872 Gothic Revival church built under the bishopric of Henry Benjamin Whipple.[5]
5 District No. 40 School
District No. 40 School
May 23, 1980
Minnesota Highway 109
43°44′45″N 93°49′38″W / 43.745913°N 93.827268°W / 43.745913; -93.827268 (District No. 40 School)
Wells 1896 frame school.[5]
6 Andrew C. Dunn House
Andrew C. Dunn House
May 23, 1980
133 S. Main St.
43°45′57″N 94°09′59″W / 43.765854°N 94.16627°W / 43.765854; -94.16627 (Andrew C. Dunn House)
Winnebago 1901Queen Anne/Classical Revival house of a town founder.[5]
7 Faribault County Courthouse
Faribault County Courthouse
April 11, 1977
415 N. Main
43°38′33″N 94°06′11″W / 43.64237°N 94.103069°W / 43.64237; -94.103069 (Faribault County Courthouse)
Blue Earth 1892 Richardsonian Romanesque courthouse.[5]
8 First National Bank
First National Bank
May 23, 1980
Main St. and Cleveland Ave.
43°46′04″N 94°09′58″W / 43.767642°N 94.165978°W / 43.767642; -94.165978 (First National Bank)
Winnebago 1917 marble Classical Revival bank.[8]
9 Peter Kremer House
May 23, 1980
Main and 4th Sts.
43°50′34″N 93°49′58″W / 43.842739°N 93.832877°W / 43.842739; -93.832877 (Peter Kremer House)
Minnesota Lake 1902 brick Queen Anne house of a local civic leader.[9]
10 Muret N. Leland House
Muret N. Leland House
May 23, 1980
410 2nd Ave., SW.
43°44′26″N 93°43′44″W / 43.740635°N 93.728822°W / 43.740635; -93.728822 (Muret N. Leland House)
Wells 1883 Queen Anne house of a local merchant and politician.[5]
11 Memorial Library
Memorial Library
December 20, 1988
6th St. and Ramsey Ave.
43°38′18″N 94°05′54″W / 43.638403°N 94.098446°W / 43.638403; -94.098446 (Memorial Library)
Blue Earth 1904 brick Classical Revival library funded by a local philanthropist.[5]
12 James B. Wakefield House
James B. Wakefield House
May 23, 1980
405 E. 6th St.
43°38′20″N 94°05′52″W / 43.638937°N 94.09777°W / 43.638937; -94.09777 (James B. Wakefield House)
Blue Earth 1868 Italianate house of politician James Wakefield.[9]
13 Walters Jail
May 23, 1980
3rd and Main Sts.
43°36′20″N 93°40′20″W / 43.605469°N 93.672306°W / 43.605469; -93.672306 (Walters Jail)
Walters 1906 false-fronted brick jail.[5]

Former listings[edit]

[2] Name on the Register Image Date listed Date removed Location City or town Summary
1 Constans Hotel
May 23, 1980
May 7, 1990
121-127 N. Main St.
Blue Earth 1896 hotel.[10] Demolished in 1988.[5]

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