No More (1944 song)

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"No More" is a song with music by Toots Camarata (also known as Tutti Camarata) and words by Bob Russell. It's usually mentioned in connection with Billie Holiday, who recorded it on October 4, 1944.

According to one source, Holiday would refer to "No More" as one of her favorite songs.[1]

Recording session[edit]

Billie Holiday, with Toots Camarata and his orchestra (Decca) New York, October 4, 1944: with Russ Case (trumpet), Hymie Schertzer (alto saxophone), Jack Cressey (alto saxophone), Larry Binyon (tenor saxophone), Paul Ricci (tenor saxophone), Dave Bowman (piano), Carl Kress (guitar), Haig Stephens (bass), Johnny Blowers drums, Toots Camarata (conductor, arranger), Billie Holiday vocal + 6 strings[2]

Other notable vocal versions[edit]

Other singers who have performed it include:


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