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Norton ConnectSafe is a free public DNS service offered by Symantec Corporation that claims to offer a faster and more reliable web browsing experience while blocking undesirable websites.[1]


The service was opened to the public in June 2010.[2] Symantec expects to continue offering the service for free.[3]


Users can use Norton ConnectSafe by setting their DNS server addresses to those of the Norton ConnectSafe servers. Client software for Windows, Mac OS X, and Android is available to automatically configure devices to use Norton ConnectSafe.[1]

DNS queries routed through Norton ConnectSafe are checked using the Norton Safe Web database to ensure that they do not point to malicious or inappropriate websites. Symantec thus seeks to block malware and phishing attempts,[2] as well as pornographic and inappropriate websites if the user desires. Norton ConnectSafe will also intercept misspelled domain names and offer suggestions or display advertising.[1] This redirection breaks some non-Web applications that rely on getting an NXDOMAIN response for non-existent domains.

IPv4 addresses[edit]

Norton's DNS service uses the following IP addresses depending on which sites the user would like the DNS servers to block for them.

Regular DNS
Security threats
Security threats and Pornography
Security threats, Pornography and "Non-Family Friendly" sites

"Non-Family Friendly" websites include those that contain mature content or websites about abortion, alcohol, crime, cults, drugs, gambling, hate, sexual orientation, suicide, tobacco or violence.[4]

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