Now And Forever: The Ballads

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Now And Forever: The Ballads
Compilation album by Richard Marx
Released February 19, 2014
Genre Adult contemporary
Label Universal
Producer Richard Marx, Dan Huff
Richard Marx chronology
Seven & Seven
Now And Forever: The Ballads
Beautiful Goodbye

Now And Forever: The Ballads is a compilation album by Richard Marx. It was released exclusively in India featuring several album tracks from Marx's more recent albums and a handful of songs that were singles at one time or another.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Loved (Marx)
  2. When You Loved Me(Marx/Scannell)
  3. To Where You Are (Marx/Thompson)
  4. Suddenly(Marx)
  5. Wouldn't Let Me Love You (Marx/Rauch/Graves)
  6. Through My Veins (Marx)
  7. Done To Me (Marx)
  8. Like Heaven (Marx/Wade)
  9. Days In Avalon (Marx)
  10. The Best Of Me (Marx/Foster/Lubbock)
  11. This I Promise You (with Sabrina (Marx)
  12. Everybody (Marx/Urban)
  13. Now And Forever (Marx)
  14. Right Here Waiting (Marx)