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Pakrac is located in Croatia
Coordinates: 45°26′N 17°11′E / 45.44°N 17.19°E / 45.44; 17.19
Country  Croatia
County Požega-Slavonia
 • Mayor Davor Huška (HDZ)
Population (2011)[1]
 • City 8,460
 • Urban 4,842
Time zone Central European Time (UTC+1)
Pakrac and Pakra

Pakrac is a town in western Slavonia, Croatia, population 4,842, total municipality population 8,460 (census 2011).[1] Pakrac is located on the road and railroad connecting the regions of Posavina and Podravina.


In Croatian the town is known as Pakrac, in Serbian Cyrillic: Пакрац, in German as Pakratz, in Hungarian as Pakrác, and in Turkish as Pakraç.


Its location and esp. its closeness to the Lipik spa render the town an important place in tourism, especially transit. Important sacral buildings from the 18th century are located in the historic core of the town, as well as the palace of Baron Trenk and the remains of one of the first Croatian mints, the so-called Spahija's Cellar.

The Pakra river and the nearby mountains Psunj and Ravna Gora are recreational grounds in the immediate vicinity of the town. The top of Brezovo Polje (984 m) on Psunj Mountain is the highest peak of Požeško Gorje and Slavonia on the whole.


In the late 19th and early 20th century, Pakrac was part of the Požega County of the Kingdom of Croatia-Slavonia.


In the census of 1991, the municipality of Pakrac encompassed a different, larger area and its population was as follows:[citation needed]

total Serbs Croats Yugoslavs others
27,589 12,813 (46.44%) 9,896 (35.86%) 1,346 (4.87%) 3,534 (12.80%)


The municipality consists of 42 settlements:[1]

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