Parasoft C/C++test

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Parasoft C/C++test
Developer(s) Parasoft
Stable release 9.4 / December 3, 2012 (2012-12-03)
Operating system Cross-platform: Linux, Solaris, Windows
Type Testing
License Proprietary software
Website C/C++test at

Parasoft C/C++test (previously named Parasoft C++test and Parasoft CodeWizard) is an automated C and C++ static analysis and software testing tool. It is a commercial tool available as part of Parasoft's Development Testing platform.[1]

The product includes technology for static code analysis, unit test case generation and execution, code coverage analysis, regression testing, runtime error detection, requirements traceability, and code review.[2]

Parasoft C/C++test won Software Test and Performances’ 2008 Testers Choice Award in the best embedded/mobile test/performance category.[3] It was selected as VDC's Software Embeddy "Best in Show" award winner in 2012.[4] C/C++test customers include Samsung Electronics, Wipro, NEC, and SELEX Sistemi Integrati[5]


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