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Type Private
Industry Payment Network
Predecessor(s) Alphyra
ITG Group
Founded 1989
Headquarters Dublin, Ireland
Area served Ireland, the UK, Sweden, Greece, Romania, Germany
Key people

Bob Scott (Chairman), Mike Maloney (CEO), Julian Rothwell (CFO), Nigel Bell (Deputy CFO),

Jim Deignan (MD), Julian Gibbins (NED), David Gagie (NED), Iain Kennedy (NED) and Charlie Troup
Products Cash acceptance, EFT, Online payments, ATM.
Parent Duke Street Capital
Subsidiaries Payzone Ireland
Payzone UK
Payzone Sweden
Payzone Greece
Payzone Romania

Payzone is a group of companies, headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. The company is split into two parts: Payzone which operates an EFT and cash acceptance network across Ireland, the UK, Sweden, Greece and Romania and Cardpoint/Cashzone, an ATM operator in Germany and the UK.

The company was founded in 1989. By 1996 the company had a presence in the terminal maintenance sector acting as a service provider for a number of banking institutions across Ireland and the UK. It traded previously as Alphyra (1999-2007) and ITG Group (1989-1999) and was listed on the LSE under ticker LSEPAYZ.


Rivals to Payzone include the Post Office Ltd (in the United Kingdom) and An Post's PostPoint network (in Ireland) both of which offer similar services. There is also PayPoint, which operates in both countries.


Payzone use technology including Broadband, Bluetooth and GPRS and work with Elavon Merchant Services [1]

Convenience Retail[edit]

Payzone supplies a terminal to its customer base of retail outlets in the ‘convenience sector’ that accept payments on behalf of its partners. Customers in the convenience sector are typically convenience stores, newsagents and off-licences. Payzone’s partners include mobile network operators, utility companies and public transport organisations. Consumers use Payzone’s network of terminals (placed with its business customers) to pay for services provided by its partners such as mobile phone top-ups, international calling cards, gas payments, electricity payments, water payments, housing payments, online gaming vouchers and The Health Lottery tickets. The same Payzone terminals also support credit and debit card acceptance for goods and services that the convenience business sells directly to its own customers.

General Retail (Card Acceptance)[edit]

Payzone supplies a range of terminals for small to medium sized businesses in the ‘general retail’ sector that allows those businesses to accept credit and debit card payments. Payzone’s customers in the ‘general retail’ sector include beauty salons, clothing stores, restaurants, bars, car servicing and motor accessories outlets. Payzone also provides GPRS mobile card acceptance terminals for mobile businesses such as electricians and mobile hairdressers. Different businesses in the ‘general retail’ sector require different features on their card acceptance terminals. Payzone’s range of terminals therefore includes the ability to connect via standard analogue telephone lines, broadband internet, Blueteooth and GPRS (using a built in mobile SIM card). Some Payzone terminals also allow the latest contactless card payments to be accepted.


Payzone Ireland[edit]

Payzone Ireland operates an EFT network, a cash collection network and provides eCommerce services to local and central government and private companies. These services include prepaid mobile phone credit, prepaid utility payments, bill payment, property tax collection, prepaid debit cards, motorway toll payments, public transport tickets and cash-less on-street parking in Dublin.

Payzone UK[edit]

Payzone UK is a British branded consumer payments acceptance network.[2][3][4]

Payzone UK is primarily engaged in the acceptance of cash payments for the services of its partners through its retailer network.[5] Their main services include mobile phone top-up, International calling cards, bus ticket purchase,[6] utility and general bill payment and pre-paid cards.[7]


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