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Studio album by Boris
Released November 18, 2005 (2005-11-18)
Recorded 2005 at Sound Square
Genre Hard rock, sludge metal, drone doom, stoner rock, noise rock
Length 47:23 (Diwphalanx CD version)
55:23 (Southern Lord CD version)
72:16 (LP version)
Label Diwphalanx Records (Japan)
Southern Lord Records (world) (SUNN55)
Producer Boris
Boris chronology
Boris Archive
The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked 2
Original cover
Diwphalanx Records, 2005
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars [1]
Drowned in Sound (8/10) [2]
Pitchfork Media (8.7/10) [3] (favourable) [4]
Stylus C [5]

Pink is the tenth album by Japanese experimental band Boris. The album was originally released in 2005 through Diwphalanx Records in Japan and subsequently reissued in 2006 by the US label, Southern Lord Records. Upon release the album received very favorable reviews, largely for taking a more melodic and accessible direction than the band's previous work.

The original version of the album released in Japan in 2005 presents itself with a different cover (shown on the right side), track names, and length. All of these elements were subsequently modified on the first reissue of the album. The album's length was extended significantly on the LP version of the album. Additionally, a music video was shot for the title track which was limited to 100 copies on DVD. Since then the music video has been included in the limited vinyl edition of the album Smile also published by Southern Lord.

The full-length version of the track "Farewell" from the vinyl edition also appears on Boris / Variations + Live in Japan.


Critical response to Pink has been positive. At Metacritic, which assigns a normalized rating out of 100 to reviews from mainstream critics, the album has received an average score of 80, based on 13 reviews.[6]

Track listing[edit]

Diwphalanx Version
No. Title Length
1. "決別" ("Farewell") 7:33
2. "Pink"   4:20
3. "スクリーンの女" ("Woman on the Screen") 2:38
4. "別になんでもない" ("Nothing Special") 2:17
5. "ブラックアウト" ("Blackout") 4:49
6. "Electric"   1:45
7. "偽ブレッド" ("Pseudo-Bread") 4:29
8. "ぬるい炎" ("Afterburner") 4:22
9. "6を3つ" ("Six, Three Times") 2:53
10. "My Machine"   2:01
11. "俺を捨てたところ" ("Just Abandoned Myself") 10:14
Total length:
Southern Lord CD Version
No. Title Length
1. "Farewell"   7:33
2. "Pink"   4:20
3. "Woman on the Screen"   2:38
4. "Nothing Special"   2:17
5. "Blackout"   4:49
6. "Electric"   1:45
7. "Pseudo-Bread"   4:29
8. "Afterburner"   4:22
9. "Six, Three Times"   2:53
10. "My Machine"   2:01
11. "Just Abondoned My-Self"   18:14
Total length:
Southern Lord LP Version
No. Title Length
1. "Pink"   4:20
2. "Woman on the Screen"   2:38
3. "Nothing Special"   2:17
4. "Blackout"   4:49
Side B
No. Title Length
1. "Electric"   1:45
2. "Six, Three Times"   2:53
3. "Afterburner"   4:22
4. "Pseudo-Bread"   10:08
Side C
No. Title Length
1. "My Machine"   11:14
2. "Farewell"   9:32
Side D
No. Title Length
1. "Just Abondoned My-Self"   18:14
Total length:


  • Takeshi - Vocals, Bass, Guitar
  • Atsuo - Drums, Percussion
  • Wata - Guitar, Effects
  • Steven O'Malley - Design (LP Version)
  • The Lord - A&R (Reissue)
  • Blake & Durer - Artwork (Reissue)
  • P.C.B. - Design (Reissue)
  • Fangs Anal Satan - Artwork
  • Produced by Boris
  • Mixed and mastered by Souichirou Nakamura

Pressing History[edit]

Year Label Format Country Out of Print? Notes
2005 Diwphalanx CD Japan No Some copies featured a die-cut sleeve around the jewel box
2005 Diwphalanx 2xLP Japan Yes Ltd. 500. Deluxe 2xLP featuring a die-cut "stencil" cover and extended cuts of "Pseudo-Bread", "My Machine", "Farewell" and "Just Abandoned Myself"; different track listing
2006 Southern Lord CD US No Different cover from Japanese pressing; has same audio overall as the Japanese CD apart from featuring the same extended cut of "Just Abandoned Myself" as the Japanese 2xLP. The cover art features pictures by the poet and artist William Blake depicting Satan from his illustrations to John Milton's Paradise Lost. The album also comes with three paintings of devil imagery on sheets of what resembles perforated "blotter paper," usually associated with LSD. Also, the misspelling of 'abandoned' to 'abondoned' on the album sleeve and online MP3 tagging seems to be intended.
2006 Southern Lord 2xLP US Yes Ltd. 6000. Pressed on 180g pink marble (2000), clear pink (2000) and black vinyl (2000); has same audio overall as the Japanese 2xLP; same cover art as the US CD
2007 Southern Lord 2xLP US Out of print; still available Ltd. 2000. Pressed on 180g icy pink (1000) and deep red (1000); has same audio overall as the Japanese 2xLP; same cover art as the US CD


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