Poihipi Power Station

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Poihipi Power Station
Poihipi Power Station is located in New Zealand
Poihipi Power Station
Location of Poihipi Power Station
Country New Zealand
Location Taupo
Coordinates 38°37′49″S 176°2′30″E / 38.63028°S 176.04167°E / -38.63028; 176.04167Coordinates: 38°37′49″S 176°2′30″E / 38.63028°S 176.04167°E / -38.63028; 176.04167
Status Operational
Commission date 1996
Owner(s) Contact Energy
Power generation
Primary fuel Geothermal
Nameplate capacity 55 MW

The Poihipi Power Station is a geothermal power station owned and operated by Contact Energy. It is located on Poihipi Road near Taupo in New Zealand.

The plant produces around 350 GWh pa, utilising geothermal steam from the Wairakei field, and is operated as part of the Wairakei geothermal system.[1]

Electricity Generation at Poihipi, New Zealand.

The plant was commissioned in 1996 and originally owned by a private generation company 'Mercury Geotherm' before being sold to Contact Energy. The original powerplant and steamfield was designed and commissioned by MTL Geothermal Engineers.[2] A single 55MW Fuji Electric steam turbine with direct contact condensor was selected to generate electricity from the steam field.

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