R. Chandrasekhar

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Shri R. Chandrasekhar
Born Andhra Pradesh, India
Occupation President of NASSCOM, Former Telecom Secretary

Shri R. Chandrasekhar is the current president of NASSCOM and former Secretary to the Indian Department of Information Technology.[1] He is also a member of the government's technology advisory group, TAGUP.[2] Chandrasekhar is an Indian Administrative Services officer. He has had a distinguished career in the Department of Information Technology, where he initiated the National e-Governance Program. Chandrasekhar first initiated the three pillars of "e-Governance", namely: Common Service Centre Program; the State Data Centre Program; and the State Wide Area Network Program of India.

He is the former Telecom Secretary of India; a position putting him in charge of the 2G spectrum auction in 2012.[3] The auction had gained widespread attention after the supreme court quashed 2G licenses issued in 2008 and called for a fresh auction of the affected licenses.


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