River Ching

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River Ching
The River Ching - geograph.org.uk - 41495.jpg
Mouth River Lea
Basin countries England

The River Ching originates in Epping Forest, and runs to the River Lea, but not before being severely polluted in its lower reaches.[1] It is dammed twice, the first time to form Connaught Water, in the parishes of Loughton and Waltham Abbey, and again at Highams Park. The river runs through Chingford, however the name of the river is in fact a back-formation from the name of that area, rather than the town being named after the river.


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Coordinates: 51°36′30″N 0°02′05″W / 51.6084°N 0.0346°W / 51.6084; -0.0346