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The Roland/Boss Dr. Sample SP-303 is a digital sampler from Roland based upon the Roland MS-1 Digital Sampler & Boss SP-202 Dr. Sample. The SP-303 was revamped and redesigned in 2005 and released as the SP-404.

The SP-303 itself provides up to three minutes and twelve seconds of sampling. The sample time can be expanded by the use of SmartMedia cards (8MB-64MB supported). The SP-303 features twenty-six internal effects that can be applied to samples and external sources as well. It also has a built-in sequencer.

While the SP-303 Dr. Sample may lack some of the features seen on other hip hop production samplers such as the Ensoniq ASR-10 and the Akai MPC it also has many unique features. It has been used live and in the studio by artists such as Animal Collective, Panda Bear,[1] Four Tet,[2] Madlib and J Dilla.[3] The SP-303 has a pattern sequencer, where loops and patterns can be programmed.


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