Sant Quirze del Vallès

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Sant Quirze del Vallès is a town in the comarca of the Vallès Occidental, province of Barcelona, Catalonia.

It is located about 12 miles away from the capital city ,Barcelona. Sant Quirze is a residential town populated by approximately 18.000 people, amount which has grown since the end of the 90s onwards. It shares bordiers with Sabadell, Rubí, Terrassa and Sant Cugat -among others- which are a set of important towns within the Barcelona area, since they conform Catalonia's most important industrial area and probably also Spain's.

Sant Quirze del Vallès is considered a calm place, since it is away enough from the city noise but near the natural mountain range of the " Serra dels Galliners" It is a very well connected town because it has direct access to C58 highway to Barcelona, among others like C58 Manresa and AP7 highway to Girona, Tarragona and Lleida.

Coordinates: 41°32′05″N 2°04′56″E / 41.53472°N 2.08222°E / 41.53472; 2.08222