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Section sign
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In other scripts

The section sign (Unicode U+00A7 § section sign, HTML §, TeX \S) is a typographical character used mainly to refer to a particular section of a document, such as a legal code.[1] It is also called "double S"[citation needed], "hurricane"[citation needed], and "sectional symbol".

The likely origin of the section sign is the digraph formed by the combination of two S glyphs (from the Latin signum sectiōnis). When duplicated, as §§, it is read as the plural "sections" (e.g. "§§ 13–21"), much as "pp." (pages) is the plural of "p.".

It is frequently used along with the pilcrow (¶), or paragraph sign. Like the dagger (†) and double dagger (‡), it is also sometimes used to link to a footnote where the asterisk (*) is already in use on a given page.

The section sign is used on the game Minecraft to access text colors or effects. In most cases, a third-party tool such as NBTExplorer is required to insert section signs. More information can be accessed at the following reference: [2]

Typing character[edit]

In popular culture[edit]

A modified version of the section sign is used in SimCity 3000 and subsequent Maxis games (such as The Sims series) as the symbol of the in-game currency, the simoleon. The symbol is used in a similar way to the $ sign.

The section symbol is used in the 2012 computer game XCOM: Enemy Unknown as a nationality-neutral currency symbol.

The section symbol is used to denote chapters and sections in David Foster Wallace's novel The Pale King, which deals heavily with the labour and lives of American IRS workers and was left unfinished upon his death in 2008.

The section symbol is used by horse racing rating service Timeform to denote a horse is unreliable.[5] Such a horse is usually referred to as a "squiggle horse".

A § is used before text to change its style or colors in Minecraft.

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