Shin-Kobe Station

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Shin-Kōbe Station
Prefecture Hyōgo
(See other stations in Hyōgo)
City Kobe
Ward Chūō
Neighborhood etc. Kanocho Itchome
(in Japanese) 神戸市中央区加納町一丁目
Year opened 1972
Rail services
Station number(s) S02
Operator(s) JR West
Kobe Municipal Subway
Hokushin Kyūkō Electric Railway
Line(s) Sanyō Shinkansen
Seishin-Yamate Line
Hokushin Line

Shin-Kōbe station (新神戸駅 Shin-Kōbe-eki?) is a railway station located on the Sanyō Shinkansen line serving the city of Kobe, Japan, and the surrounding area. It is located to the north of Kobe city centre, at the foot of Mount Rokkō. The Shinkansen trains mostly run inside tunnels under the mountains in this area. The station exists in a small space in between two long tunnels (Rokkō and Kobe Tunnels).

This station was newly built for the Sanyō Shinkansen and is connected with the city center by the municipal subway. Many Shinkansen passengers from central Kobe, however, use Shin-Ōsaka Station to the east instead of the closer Shin-Kobe Station, because Shin-Ōsaka Station is easily accessible by JR Kobe Line and more trains leave at Shin-Ōsaka for Tokyo, the capital of the country.



Sanyō Shinkansen[edit]

Two side platforms serving two tracks. Both platforms have platform screen doors.

1 Sanyo Shinkansen for Okayama, Hakata and Kagoshima-chuo
2 Sanyo Shinkansen for Shin-Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo

Seishin-Yamate Line and Hokushin Line[edit]

One side platform serving one track and one island platform serving two tracks (one of which is single ended).

1 Hokushin Line to Tanigami
Seishin-Yamate Line returning for Sannomiya, Myodani and Seishin-chūō
2 Seishin-Yamate Line from Tanigami for Sannomiya, Myodani and Seishin-chūō
3 Seishin-Yamate Line returning for Sannomiya, Myodani and Seishin-chūō


  • 1972-03-15 - Shinkansen station opens
  • 1985-06-18 - Subway station opens
  • 1988-04-02 - Hokushin Line starts operation
  • 1995-01-17 - Great Hanshin earthquake halts all lines serving the station
  • 1995-01-18 - Hokushin Line resumes operation
  • 1995-02-16 - Subway resumes operation
  • 1995-04-08 - Shinkansen resumes operation
  • 2003-10-01 - New Shinkansen schedule is in effect: now all passing trains call at the station


Adjacent stations[edit]

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Coordinates: 34°42′24″N 135°11′45″E / 34.70667°N 135.19583°E / 34.70667; 135.19583