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Siga was a major port city in the ancient Kingdom of Numidia, located near what is now Aïn Témouchent, Algeria. It was located on Mediterranean coast, at the western border of the territory of the Masaesyli, a Berber tribe. Their traditional opponents were the Berber confederation of the Maesulians, who ruled the eastern portion.

In the course of the Second Punic War, the king of the Masaesyli, Syphax, allied himself with the Roman Republic, and the armies led by Scipio Africanus, while the Maesulians, ruled by Masinissa, sided with the Republic of Carthage. With the defeat and capture of Syphax by Masinissa, the western tribes were conquered and gradually absorbed into a united kingdom under his rule.

The current titular see of the Catholic Church of Sigus is likely based on this location.[1]


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Coordinates: 35°15′59″N 1°27′00″W / 35.2663°N 1.4499°W / 35.2663; -1.4499