Singapore Conference Hall

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Singapore Conference Hall
Singapore Conference Hall.JPG
Singapore Conference Hall, September 2006
General information
Status Complete
Location Shenton Way, Downtown Core, Singapore
Coordinates 1°16′34″N 103°50′56″E / 1.276208°N 103.848943°E / 1.276208; 103.848943Coordinates: 1°16′34″N 103°50′56″E / 1.276208°N 103.848943°E / 1.276208; 103.848943
Technical details
Floor count 5
The atrium inside the building.
An olden Chinese Orchestra instrument found in the building as a monument.

Singapore Conference Hall is a multipurpose building located in the heart of the financial district of Shenton Way in Downtown Core of Singapore. The first building to be constructed along Shenton Way, it was a place for conferences and exhibitions in the 1960s and 1970s. Today, it is refurbished and modernized into a concert hall, home to the Singapore Chinese Orchestra since 2001. Completed in 1965 at a cost of S$4 million at that time, it was an example of the nation's urban architecture then. The building is situated on a three-acre site at the junction of Shenton Way and Maxwell Road.

It was gazetted as a national monument on 26 December 2010.


The Singapore Conference Hall design was selected from a nation-wide open competition in 1961 and was a design of Singapore's urban architecture in the 1960s. The original architecture primarily consisted of concrete and glass in its facade. It has a large butterfly roof. In the past the roof and terrace were equipped with vertical sunscreens to provide shade to the interior. The concourse on the first level was conceived as a large space for programmes and from which visitors could find their way to the upper floors. Today, it is used as a concourse as well as a reception area for the Singapore Chinese Orchestra. The area can be used for exhibitions, receptions, performances and conferences. The area was originally designed as a naturally ventilated space. The trade congress rooms were located on the third to fifth floors of the building. The building was designed by Malayan Architects Co-Partnership and was completed by Architects Team 3. The five-storey building has no basement and has an outdoor car park. The building is next to UIC Building which is now transformed into a mixed development of residential and commercial unit- V on Shenton.


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