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The Southern New England Telephone Company
Trading name AT&T Connecticut
Type Private (Subsidiary of AT&T)
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 1878
Headquarters New Haven, CT, USA
Products Local Telephone Service
Parent SNET (1986-1998)
SBC/AT&T (1998-2014)
Website AT&T Home

The Southern New England Telephone Company (commonly referred to as SNET by its customers) is a local exchange carrier owned by AT&T Inc. It started operations on January 27, 1878 as the District Telephone Company of New Haven. It was the founder of the first telephone exchange, as well as the world's first telephone book. Since its inception, SNET has held a monopoly on most of the telephone services in the state of Connecticut; the only remaining exception is the Greenwich and Byram exchanges where Verizon New York provides telephone service.[1]

SNET logo, 1921-1939
SNET logo, 1986

SNET and Cincinnati Bell were the only two companies in the old Bell System that the old AT&T only had a minority stake in; by 1983, AT&T's stake was only 19.6 percent. Therefore, neither is considered a Bell Operating Company; rather, they are considered independents.

SNET logo, 2002-2003

The Southern New England Telephone Company was purchased for $ 4.4 Billion in 1998 by SBC Communications, which subsequently purchased the old AT&T, taking its name as the "new" AT&T. The Southern New England Telephone Company currently does business as AT&T Connecticut.

In 2006, AT&T merged the operations of Southern New England Telecommunications into AT&T Teleholdings. Southern New England Telephone then became a subsidiary of the company originally known as Ameritech within the AT&T corporate structure.

On June 1, 2007, the operations of Woodbury Telephone were merged into Southern New England Telephone. Woodbury Telephone is now defunct.


On December 17, 2013, AT&T announced plans to sell The Southern New England Telephone Company and its companion long distance subsidiary SNET America to Frontier Communications for $2 billion. The transaction is expected to close in the second half of 2014.[2] This is the second former unit of the Bell System to be acquired by Frontier, the first being Frontier West Virginia (originally C&P Telephone of West Virginia) which it purchased from Verizon in 2010.

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