St. Stephen's Girls' College

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St. Stephen's Girl's College
Chinese: 聖士提反女子中學
SSGC badge
In Faith Go Forward
Chinese: 本信而進前
2 Lyttelton Road, Mid-Levels, Hong Kong
School type Secondary Primary
Established 1906
School district Central and Western District
President The Revd. KOON Ho Ming Peter Douglas
(Chairman & Supervisor)
Principal Ms. Maggie CHAU
Staff 89
Grades F.1 – F.6 (Equivalent of Grades 7–13)
Gender Female
Number of students approx 1100
Classes offered 30
Area approx 10,000 square feet
Colour(s) Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Red and Cobalt Blue


Newspaper "Vortex" Chinese: 漩思
Yearbook "News Echo" Chinese: 珏聲
Affiliation Hong Kong St. Stephen's Church

St Stephen's Girls' College (Chinese: 聖士提反女子中學), known as SSGC, which is one of the grant schools under Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui (Anglican Church), is a top girls' schools in Hong Kong. Originally on Caine Road, the school moved to its current location at Lyttelton Road, Mid-Levels, in 1923. The main building is listed as one of the declared monuments of Hong Kong. The school which first opened in 1906 is managed by the St. Stephen's Girls' College School Council. Remarkably, SSGC counts 9 winners of the Hong Kong Outstanding Students Awards,[1] ranking eighth among all secondary schools in Hong Kong.


In Faith Go Forward


St. Stephen's Girls' College is a Christian school whose primary aim is to provide good education in a Christian spirit. It strives to educate the 'whole person' by emphasising the moral, intellectual, physical, social, aesthetic, as well as spiritual development of every student. It aims to help students to achieve academic excellence, to develop their own potential, to become responsible citizens and future leaders, and to serve the community.

School hymn[edit]

We build our school on Thee, O Lord,

We build our school on Thee, O Lord,
To Thee we bring our common need
The loving heart, the helpful word,
The tender thought, the kindly deed.
We work together in Thy sight,
We live together in Thy love:
Guide Thou our faltering steps aright,
And lift our thoughts to heaven above.
Hold Thou each hand to keep it just,
Touch Thou our lips and make them pure;
If Thou art with us, Lord, we must
Be faithful friends and comrades sure.
We change but Thou art still the same,
The same good Master, Teacher, Friend;
We change, but, Lord, we bear Thy Name,
To journey with it to the end.

Dear Lord we pray, Thy Spirit may
Be present in our school alway.

Class structure[edit]

Form 1 -6: 5 classes Total : 30 classes

Principals since 1906[edit]

  • Miss W.M. Carden (1865–1915)
  • Miss W. I. Griffin (1915–1924)
  • Miss E.M. Middleton-Smith (1924–1929)
  • Miss E.S. Atkins (1929–1949)
  • Miss K.D. Cherry (1949–1961)
  • Dr. K.E. Barker (1961–1991)
  • Mrs. K.C. Too (1992–2003)
  • The Reverend Mrs. Jenny Nam (2003–2011)
  • Mrs. Christine Shain (2011-2014)
  • Miss CHAU Wai-chu, Maggie (2014-)

Tree pruning controversy[edit]

The college was criticised in May 2011 when it severely pruned and seriously damaged a protected candlenut tree on campus. Severe pruning was undertaken by the school without obtaining proper government approvals and in violation of certain terms of the school's tenancy agreement, and the government fined the school HK$200,000. A local arborist who saw the work on the tree said the pruning was "unprofessional", and a tree scientist at the University of Hong Kong said the size of the fine was reasonable given the damage to the tree.[2]

Direct Subsidy Scheme controversy[edit]

The college planned to apply to join the Direct Subsidy Scheme(DSS) in the early 2013. The idea has risen great controversy among the society and its alumni. With over 150 participants in rain, a protest on 7th July, 2013, against the DSS plan that organised by one of the alumni concern group was widely reported and gained more attention from the society. The college council has held over 30 information meetings with alumni, parents and other stakeholders, yet there is not a consensus. Eventually on 19th August, 2013, the college decided not to pursue for its application to join the DSS.

Notable alumni[edit]

  • Rita Fan Hsu Lai-tai, President of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, 1997–2008, member of the council for Hong Kong Island.
  • Winnie Yu, Director of the Commercial Radio.
  • Sandra Ng, film actress.
  • Susie Wong, Cook show host
  • Elvina Kong, TVB actress
  • Regina Ip, Former Secretary for Security, member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, 2008–present
  • Dr. Ellen Li Tso Sau Kwan M.B.E. O.B.E. C.B.E., first female member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, designer of SSGC's school uniform
  • Dr. Rosanna Wong Yick Ming, former member of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong


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  2. ^ Olga Wong, "Top girls' school hit with heavy fine for tree pruning – St Stephen's Girls' College faces HK$200,000 penalty", The South China Morning Post, 7 May 2011.

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