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Steve Grimes (born 4 June 1957, Liverpool) was the rhythm guitarist and keyboardist of Liverpool based pop group The Farm. He was also one of the founder members when the band started in 1983 under the name 'Soul of Socialism'.

It is a myth that he moved to the new Cantril Farm housing estate from the inner city slums as a child during the 1960s and formed The Farm with the other residents of the estate who became part of it. He was born and raised on a council estate in Maghull. The farm the band was named after was not Cantril Farm but a working farm in Maghull where the band members practised.

In this picture, he is shown far left with, from left to right, DJ Spoony, Sven-Göran Eriksson and band-mate Peter Hooton. (The Farm's "All Together Now" was re-released in 2004 for the England team at Euro 2004, who were managed by Eriksson, and the song was re-mixed by Spoony.)