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No Limit Forever Records
Founded 2010
Founder P. Miller
Romeo Miller
Distributor(s) Self-distributed (US)
Genre Hip-hop, R&B
Country of origin United States
Location Los Angeles, California
Official website

No Limit Forever Records is an American independent record label founded by rappers Master P and Romeo Miller. No Limit's president is Romeo's brother Valentino. No Limit's COO is Romeo's uncle Silkk The Shocker. The label is home to current artists include Master P , Romeo Miller, Silkk the Shocker, Alley Boy, Miss Chee, Gangsta and Eastwood among others.


On November 26, 2010, No Limit Forever Records was established as a re-incarnation of the multi-platinum, mega-selling independent record label No Limit Records. As of 2011 Valentino is serving as President. An official announcement was made to the media on January 6, 2011.[1] On February 9, 2011 Romeo Miller signed the first female to the label, Miss Chee. He also signed rapper Oak Tree and Jamaican singer Kay-I.[2] The next day, Romeo signed fraud producer Terry "T-Million" Miles to the label [3] and on February 16, 2011 it was announced that he had signed SouthDown, the first rock band to be on the label.[4] Romeo has also signed Louisiana artist Co-Ruff and former Death Row Records artist Eastwood[4] Like No Limit Records, No Limit Forever also plans to release movies on the label. Get Money which will star No Limit founder Master P & his managing artist Gucci Mane was set to be released in 2011. Repos 2 was set to release in 2013 but was held back. On November 17, 2012 Master P formed a group called Louie V Mob that features Master P, Alley Boy and Fat Trel. [dated info][5]

2011-present: Mixtapes[edit]

The label has released numerous mixtapes since 2011. Master P released a mixtape in 2013 titled "Al Capone" which is a promo for the Boss of All Bosses album and with his group Louie V Mob entitled "New World Order". Master P's next mixtape "Famous Again" which was released on August 6, 2013. Both mixtapes were #1 in selling and digital downloads. Miss Chee released her mixtape on November 1, 2013 called "Jacking For Ransom" which was very successful.


On December 6, 2013 Master P released the his fourteenth album entitled The Gift which is the label's first album release.

Current artists[edit]

In house-producers[edit]

  • BlaqNmild

Former artists[edit]

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Movies released on label[edit]

Year Title Notes
2014 Get Money[5] Stars Master P & Gucci Mane
Repos 2 Stars Master P & Michael Blackson

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