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Super Comp (or Quick Rod) is the fastest of the heads-up Super classes (8.90 index). Super Comp is composed primarily of dragsters. Engine, chassis and body modifications are virtually unlimited, though all entries must adhere to NHRA or IHRA safety standards. Four and six-cylinder-powered entries may have a minimum weight of 1,000 pounds; all others cannot weigh less than 1,350 pounds.

Most Super Comp or Quick Rod cars are capable of running well under the 8.90 index, but they use a number of electronic aids, including a timer and an adjustable throttle (also known as a throttle stop), to run as close to the index as possible without breaking out.[1] In the IHRA, the class is called Quick Rod. It is the fastest of the three Rod Classes. Besides dragsters, there are also doorslammers, altereds and roadsters.

At Bandimere Speedway, the NHRA adjusts the index to 9.50 seconds instead of 8.90, owing to the altitude.


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