TID Tower

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TID Tower
TID Tower Map.jpg
The TID Tower Location
General information
Type work and living
Location Tirana, Tirana County, Albania
Coordinates 41°19′39″N 19°49′18″E / 41.32750°N 19.82167°E / 41.32750; 19.82167Coordinates: 41°19′39″N 19°49′18″E / 41.32750°N 19.82167°E / 41.32750; 19.82167
Construction started 2009
Top floor 85 m (278.9 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 25 (equivalent)
Lifts/elevators 4

The TID Tower is an under-construction high-rise in Tirana, Albania. The building is expected to be 85 metres (279 ft) tall.

It consists of 25 floors.[1][2][3] The design comes from Belgian architectural firm 51N4E, and construction started on 14 January 2007.[4] At the beginning of May 2011 the building was almost topped out[5]


The TID tower is part of the ambitious new master plan for the city, which want to make around ten iconographic towers. The main program of the tower consists housing program. Offices, shopping and restaurant facilities are located in the base. At the top of the building a panorama restaurant.[6]

The tower appear to be constructed from individual plates of clear and sand coloured glaze which are placed at different angles adding to the towers look and giving it texture, although its more likely the tower is fully glazed and the coloured panels are laid over the top and form balconies and such but it all adds to the illusionary qualities of the towers appearance.

Suleman Pasha Tomb[edit]

During early stages of the development last year, builders were presented with a unique real estate construction dilemma. The development is almost on top of the Suleman Pasha Tomb. A circular 3D cut-out at the base of the building ensures the two exist in harmony.


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