Take Action Tour

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Take Action Tour
Genre Emo, Indie, Post-hardcore, Pop punk, Metalcore
Dates February - April
Location(s) United States
Years active 1999 - present
Founded by Sub City Records and Hopeless Records

The Take Action Tour is an annual spring tour that not only hosts several bands, but also tries to get people alerted about the issues with teen suicide, and ultimately tries to prevent it. The tour was created by both Sub City and Hopeless Records. A portion of the ticket sales and compilation CD sales are donated to the cause.[1][2]

In recent years, the tour has chosen bands that have fans more of the demographic age group.

In 2011, Sub City Records announced a new beneficiary Sex, Etc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising teen awareness of sexually transmitted diseases and the benefits of safe sex.

Tours By Year[edit]

2002 Tour[edit]


2003 Tour[edit]


2005 Tour[edit]

2006 Tour[edit]


2007 Tour[edit]

2008 Tour[edit]


2009 Tour[edit]

2009 Australian Tour[edit]

2010 Tour[edit]

2010 Australian Tour[edit]

2011 Tour[edit]

2013 Tour[edit]

Compilation CDs[edit]

  • Take Action! Vol. 1
  • Take Action! Vol. 2
  • Take Action! Vol. 3
  • Take Action! Vol. 4
  • Take Action! Vol. 5
  • Take Action! Vol. 6
  • Take Action! Vol. 7
  • Take Action! Vol. 8
  • Take Action! Vol. 9
  • Take Action! Vol. 10
  • Take Action! Vol. 11