Tharaka-Nithi County

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Tharaka-Nithi County
Location of Tharaka-Nithi County (Green)
Location of Tharaka-Nithi County (Green)
Country  Kenya
Formed March 4th 2013
Capital Chuka
 • Governor Samwel Mbae
 • Total 2,409.5 km2 (930.3 sq mi)
Population (2009)
 • Total 365,330 [1]
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)


Tharaka-Nithi County is one of the 47 counties of Kenya located in Kenya's former Eastern Province. The county has an area of 2409 km² and a population of 365,330 (2009 census)[2] In 1998, it was split from the Tharaka Nithi District,[3] itself formerly part of the larger Meru County.

Tharaka-Nithi County is the home to the Chuka, Muthambi, Mwimbi and Tharaka sections of the Ameru (Meru) community. The people of Tharaka-Nithi County are now predominantly Christian with the Catholics, the Presbyterian, and the Methodists being the predominant religious communities.

County Headquarters[edit]

The county headquarters is at Kathwana, a site that is at the intersection of the three constituencies (Maara, Tharaka and Chuka/Igamba-ngo'mbe. The headquarters is on the Mate Road, a recently tarmacked road that runs through Ena, Ishiara, Ciakariga, Tunyai, to Meru and Nkubu. The location of the County headquarters was by consensus by all the communities of the County. If well planned it can turn out to be a very beautiful city. Before the decision to locate the headquarters at kathwana was settled, there was a disagreement between leaders from the region.


Tharaka Nithi County prsently has 3 constituencies in the 11th Parliament of the Republic of Kenya.They are Maara, Chuka/Igambang'ombe and Tharaka.


The county has many secondary schools. the best in performance being; Chogoria girls, Ikuu boys, Chuka boys, Chogoria boys Muthambi girls, Kajiunduthu among others


Like Other Counties surrounding Mount Kenya, the primary economic activities in Tharaka-Nithi County are tea and coffee planting, subsistence dairy farming,as well as keeping of other livestock such as goats and sheep.


to be a competitive,dynamic,environmental friendly county for quality education advancement and investment,economically stable and enrichment of innovation and creativity in all fields.

Prominent Personalities[edit]

The County's most notable 'son' is the late Bernard Mate, an active politician in Kenya's independence struggle, who resided in Majira, near Chuka. He represented Central in the LegCo of 1957, as well as being a member of parliament in the 1960s and 1970s.

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