The Pagemaster (video game)

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The Pagemaster
Developer(s) Probe Software Ltd. (Genesis/Mega Drive, SNES, Game Boy)
Mammoth Micro Productions (Windows)
Publisher(s) Fox Interactive (Genesis/Mega Drive, SNES, Game Boy)
Turner Interactive (Windows)
Distributor(s) Fox Video
(Sega Genesis)
Platform(s) Genesis/Mega Drive, SNES, Windows 3.x, Game Boy
Release date(s) 1994
Genre(s) Action
Mode(s) Platform, Side-Scrolling
Distribution 8 Megabit

The Pagemaster is a video game released in conjunction with the 1994 film The Pagemaster. A character can be guided through a selection of levels based around themed books, ranging from horror to adventure and fantasy worlds. Magic can be used, and stomping enemies to death by jumping on their heads is permitted. Enemies include bats, flying books, giant hands, ghosts, pirates, and more. The PC version of the game is completely different; it is an interactive adventure game that has a plot unrelated to that of the movie.