The Second Greatest Sex

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The Second Greatest Sex
Directed by George Marshall
Starring Jeanne Crain
Release dates
October 1955
Running time
87 mins.
Country United States
Language English
Box office $1.4 million (US)[1]

The Second Greatest Sex is a 1955 Western musical comedy film directed by George Marshall. It stars Jeanne Crain and George Nader.[2]


In 1880, men from three Kansas towns feud over which one gets to be the state's county seat. A safe containing important documents will be placed in whichever town is the winner.

To the frustration of the women back home, the men go away for long periods of time to fight, then return home exhausted. Matt Davis wants to marry Sheriff McClure's attractive daughter Liza, but neither McClure is sure if Matt's more interested in the town or romance.

Liza is livid when, just as they marry, Matt leaves again because the safe's been stolen. He forms a posse and the other men take off with him. All of the women, including young Birdie and spinster Cassie, decide to join Liza in going "on strike" against the men, holing up in a fort and locking them out. The men must prove they are worthy before the women will agree to take them back.



  • What Good Is A Woman Without A Man?
  • Travelin' Man
  • My Love Is Yours
  • There's Gonna Be a Wedding
  • How Lonely Can I Get?
  • Send Us A Miracle
  • Lysistrata
  • The Second Greatest Sex


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