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Tony Vlachos
Born (1973-09-10) September 10, 1973 (age 40)[1]
Jersey City, New Jersey, U.S.[1]
Residence Jersey City, New Jersey
Occupation Police officer
Television Survivor: Cagayan

Tony Vlachos is an American police officer known as the winner of Survivor: Cagayan, the 2014 season of the long-running reality TV competition series Survivor.

Personal life[edit]

Tony Vlachos was born on September 10, 1973, the son of Greek parents who emigrated from Greece. He grew up in Jersey City, New Jersey, idolizing law enforcement officers, and dreamed of one day becoming one. He graduated high school in 1992, and spent several years working in various different jobs while "partying" with his friends and working on his automobiles. He states that despite this recreational period in his life, he did not smoke, drink alcohol or do drugs.[1]

He began bodybuilding when he was 20, an activity with which he says he was "obsessed". He began working out in his basement with plastic weights filled with sand, and in about a year's time, graduated to iron weights.[1]

In 2000 Vlachos became a Jersey City police officer.[1][2] On February 5, 2014, he saved a 69-year-old man who had a massive heart attack on his lawn in nine inches of snow.[3]

In 2007, Vlachos began dating a fellow police officer named Marissa. They dated for approximately three years before he proposed to her on July 24, 2010. They married in August 2012, and their daughter, Anastasia Marie, was born on February 16, 2013, five months before Vlachos left to film Survivor: Cagayan. Two months after arriving home, Vlachos and Marissa discovered she was two months pregnant with their second child. Their son, Constantine, was born June 9, 2014.[1]

Survivor: Cagayan[edit]

Vlachos was cast on the 28th season of the CBS reality television show Survivor. The theme of the season was Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty. Vlachos was cast as a "brawn" and started out on the Aparri tribe. Before the first tribal swap, Aparri dominated the immunity challenges and did not go to tribal council. During this time, Vlachos formed an alliance, dubbed "Cops-R-Us", with fellow police officer Sarah Lacina. Despite this alliance, Vlachos lied to Lacina about his profession, claiming he was a construction worker. Vlachos also became close with Trish Hegarty, and was wary of the popularity of former NBA All-Star Cliff Robinson. Vlachos was able to find the Aparri tribe's hidden immunity idol without any clues.[episode needed]

With 14 contestants remaining in the game, the three tribes were dissolved into two. The entire Aparri tribe, sans Lacina, was placed on the Solana tribe, along with "beauty" tribe members LJ McKanas and Jefra Bland. Solana lost the immunity challenge to Aparri, sending Vlachos to tribal council for the first time in the game. Although it would have been easy for old "brawn" members to vote off either LJ or Jefra, Hegarty bonded with McKanas and wanted to target Robinson. Vlachos, as the swing vote, chose to eliminate Cliff. With 11 contestants left, the two tribes formed the merged tribe, Solarrion. Vlachos' alliance of five was at a disadvantage to the six-member alliance of the old Aparri tribe. Kass McQuillen flipped on her six-member alliance, giving Vlachos' alliance the number advantage. Vlachos' alliance took out the remaining members of the opposing alliance, with Vlachos using them along the way to blindside members of his own alliance who he perceived as threats.[episode needed]

After making it to the final 3, Woo won the challenge and Vlachos had to convince Woo to take him to the final 2.[episode needed] Vlachos argued that in order for Woo to maintain the integrity he claimed to play with that he needed to take his long-time alliance and more worthy opponent with him. Woo voted out Kass, allowing Vlachos to advance to the Final 2.[episode needed] At the final tribal council, Vlachos received much criticism from the jury members.[episode needed] However, Spencer Bledsoe gave a final speech to the jury defending Vlachos's game and insisting that, even if he was not particularly likable, he was the most deserving of the win due having played strategically.[episode needed] Ultimately, Vlachos beat Woo by an 8-1 vote.[episode needed]


After his win, Aaron W. Fraser, a New Jersey congressional candidate, tried to get Vlachos fired from his job for showing himself to be a "trickster, liar, backstabber and dealer."[4]


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