Trochus Island

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Trochus Island
Turtle Head Island (Landsat).jpg
Trochus Island (left) with Turtle Head Island (centre)
Coordinates 10°55′19″S 142°37′48″E / 10.922°S 142.630°E / -10.922; 142.630Coordinates: 10°55′19″S 142°37′48″E / 10.922°S 142.630°E / -10.922; 142.630
Area 2.10 km2 (0.81 sq mi)[1]

Trochus Island is located in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Queensland, Australia, in Newcastle Bay at the mouth of Escape River and Middle River, not far from Jackey Jackey Creek, and adjacent to the Jardine River Resource Reserve and Jardine River National Park on the Cape York Peninsula, about 30 km southeast of Bamaga.