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Tsaritsyno (Russian: Царицыно) is a district within the Southern Administrative Okrug of Moscow. Area: 426,2 ha. Its current name is traced back to 1775. Previously Tsaritsyno was known under several other names: the Chernogryaznaya Waste (from 1589), Chernaya Gryaz (before 1683/84 and from 1612), Bogorodskoye settlement (after 1684) and Lenino (September 28, 1918-August 1991). Tsaritsyno hosts such landmarks as Tsaritsyno Estate or Arshinovskiy Forest Park.

In 1960 Lenino was incorporated into the Proletarsky District of Moscow and in 1968 to Krasnogvardeysky District.

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Coordinates: 55°37′12″N 37°39′56″E / 55.62000°N 37.66556°E / 55.62000; 37.66556