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TyDi cropped.jpg
tyDi performing at Global Gathering 2008
Background information
Birth name Tyson Illingworth
Also known as tyDi
Origin Brisbane, Australia
Years active 2002-present
Associated acts Kerli
Website tyDi.com

tyDi (born Tyson Illingworth, 1987) is an Australian song writer, music producer and DJ specialising in electronic dance music. From Queensland, tyDi was signed by Armin Van Buuren’s Armada label at 17 and was Australia’s No.1 DJ in 2008 and 2009 – the youngest winner of this award.

He studied at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music and graduated with a Bachelor of Music Technology.[1] In 2009 his first album, 'Look Closer' reached No. 2 in the Australian Dance charts and in 2010 he won ‘Best Break-Through DJ’ at the International Dance Music Awards (IDMA) in Miami, receiving the award from Tiesto.[2] His second album 'Shooting Stars' was released in 2011. It reached No.1 on the Australian, Canadian, Finnish and UK iTunes Dance charts and No.4 in the USA. Between 2008-12 tyDi was included in the annual DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll, with his highest position at No. 48 in 2011.[3][4][5][6]

In October 2012 tyDi signed a worldwide publishing deal with Rondor/Universal Music and a record deal with Republic Records in April 2013.[7] His third album, Hotel Rooms was released 22 November 2013.

His fourth album, Redefined, was released on 30 September 2014 and debuted at No.4 on the USA iTunes dance chart and No.5 on the Australian iTunes dance chart.[8][9]


The Early Years[edit]

tyDi is from Mooloolaba on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. He has three older sisters. At 14 he became keen on dance music, particularly trance.[10] His parents tried unsuccessfully to divert his enthusiasm to a musical instrument (drums) but he soon traded this drum kit for his first set of turntables.[11] However, he was sufficiently interested in music theory to spend most school lunch times writing music. His original inspiration for song writing came from the end of a high school relationship.[11] After two years he entered DJ competitions using his school nickname tydi. This became tyDi from a printing error on a promotional flyer for the Brisbane DJ Wars competition that he won.

After leaving school he began touring in Australia. In 2006 he entered the Technics InTheMix Australian Top 50 DJs, reaching #12 [12] and after gaining more experience at music festivals in 2007 he reached #4 in the Top 50 DJ charts.[13] In 2008, he became Australia's youngest No.1 DJ and the first non-New South Wales winner of the award.[14]

First Album and further Awards[edit]

After becoming Australia’s No.1 DJ, tyDi released his debut album "Look Closer" that reached no. 2 in the Australian Dance Charts. It featured 15 predominantly trance tracks, with a few in other styles ("Interlude", "Let You Go" and "How Much Longer"). As InTheMix put it in May 2009 "Look Closer is an absolute belter of a debut, and displays a musical maturity way beyond Tydi’s years."[15] Website Trance.nu went further saying that Look Closer was "…of world class quality the likes of some of the best trance and progressive artist albums out there."[15] A few months later he mixed a disc for the annual Ministry of Sound Trance Nation release and was again voted Australia's No.1 DJ in the Sony In The Mix Top 50 for 2009.[16]

You Walk Away (feat. Audrey Gallagher) was his first tyDi original single, followed by others that included Good Dream, Vanilla (feat. Tanya Zygar), Calling (again feat. Audrey Gallagher) and the anthem Half Light (feat. Tanya Zygar). In February 2010 tyDi won the "Best Breakthrough DJ" award at the International Dance Music Awards.[2] He was presented with the award at a ceremony in Miami by Tiesto. Unsuccessful nominees that year included Boys Noize, Chuckie, Joris Voorn and Super 8 & Tab.[17]

On 16 April 2011 tyDi made first appearance at the annual State of Trance (ASOT) at Sydney’s Acer Arena. He also appeared during ASOT 550 in Kiev, Ukraine in 2012.

Shooting Stars[edit]

August 2011 saw the release of tyDi’s second album – Shooting Stars. It achieved #1 on the Australian, Canadian, UK and Finnish iTunes dance charts and reached number #4 in the USA. The album was departure from his trance background with 18 tracks illustrating many genres of electronic music. It featured collaborations with some of dance music’s best vocalists including Tania Zygar, Brianna Holan, Audrey Gallagher and DJ Rap.

Talking Reviews said "For want of a better description, this musical journey is nothing short of astounding and breath taking.”[18] Meanwhile Beat Magazine described the final track – Ariana - with “The final track Ariana could be rated the best album-outro of 2011, so be sure to give it a listen."[19] Almost half the tracks have been released in extended club mixes or remixes, extending their longevity.

August 2011 – present[edit]

Since the release of Shooting Stars tyDi has continued touring of the world, playing around 150 shows a year from London to Macau to Sydney, and including regular appearance in his hometown of Brisbane.

tyDi’s release following 'Shooting Stars' was 'Glow in the Dark', a collaboration with Ultra Records artist Kerli, played on over 10 Top 40 radio stations. The accompanying music video was premiered on VEVO.com and shown on MTV's Clubland. The video highlighting the positive things in life no matter how the darkness of events.

In October 2012 tyDi signed a worldwide publishing deal with Rondor/Universal Music. He signed his first major label record deal with Republic Records (www.RepublicRecords.com) in April 2013.

His EP "When I Go" was released in January 2013 containing two trance tracks, a progressive house number and a chillout track as well as multiple remixes.

As well as working on his chillout album Hotel Rooms (released 22 November 2013), tyDi worked with American producer and DJ BT. They collaborated on two tracks on BT's ninth album A Song Across Wires: "Tonight" (with JES) and "Stem the Tides" (with Tania Zygar).[20]

tyDi's fourth album, Redefined, was released on 30 September 2014. The project features vocals by Chris Carrabba and Jordan Witzigreuter.[21] The album reached #5 on both the USA and Australian iTunes dance charts on day of release.

Social Media[edit]

His accessibility through social media also makes tyDi popular with his fans. By December 2013 he had tweeted over 30,000 times and had over 80,000 followers. By September 2014 his followers had grown to 130,000 and he has tweeted 41,000 times! [22] As well as music news, tyDi tweets interesting scientific facts and sometimes call fans via his Twitter feed. His Facebook page is 'liked' by over 230,000 people.[23]

Global Soundsystem podcast[edit]

Since November 2011 tyDi has hosted a weekly radio show/podcast of world electronic dance music called Global Soundsystem. As of 5 Dec 2013 there have been 213 episodes. On 10 May 2012 the show was shortened from a two-hour to a one-hour format. It is syndicated to more than 30 countries weekly and is available for download via iTunes and more recently SoundCloud.[24]

The 50th episode included many well-known DJs including Paul Oakenfold, Judge Jules, Sasha, Sander Van Doorn and Markus Schulz.[25] The 100th episode was special in a different way with fans introducing all of the tracks.





  • Shooting Stars (Armada)


  • Global Soundsystem 2012: California (Armada)



  • Redefined (Global Soundsystem Records)



  • Familiar Streets (Mixology Digital Records)


  • Mind Games (Mazeman)
  • Never Seems So / Starcrossed (Trancetribe Recordings)
  • Russia (Armada Music)
  • Fool (Armada Music)
  • Under the Stars (Armada Music)
  • Kopi Susu (Armada Music)
  • Meet Me in Kyoto (Armada Music)





  • Loose Unit (with Richard Durand) (23 January)
  • Sex, Lies & Still Oblivious (16 July) (Single + Remix pack)
  • Jelly (Unreleased - DJ Mag Top 100 Voters Exclusive)
  • Glow in the Dark (feat. Kerli) (22 October)
  • Fire & Load (feat. Christina Novelli) (17 December) (Single + Remix Pack)


  • Nothing Really Matters (feat. Melanie Fontana) (9 April)
  • Something About You (feat. Kerli) (30 July)
  • Stem the Tides (with BT and Tania Zygar) (16 August)
  • Tonight (with BT and JES) (16 August)
  • Live this Lie (feat. Carmen Keigans) (11 November)




  • Pineapple - Dr. Willis vs Tydi (Promo Only) Unreleased



  • D:Folt - I Come Running (Armada)


  • Re-ward & Dr. Willis - Maybe
  • Beat Service & Tucandeo - Waiting for the Sun
  • Nadia Ali - Fine Print
  • 4 Strings - Take Me Away (with Dennis Shepard)
  • Adam K & Soha - Long Distance (Generationext)
  • Rank 1 - L.E.D. There Be Light (High Contrast Recordings) [with Trent McDermott]
  • Yamin feat. Marcie - Forward Motion (Motion Music)
  • Ashley Wallbridge feat. Meighan Nealon "My Blood" (Auryn Music)
  • Topher Jones - Different Parts


  • Alex Bartlett - [No Title] (Released in 2011 as "Reflected" under the Fabio XB moniker)
  • Reckless - Heaven's Scent (tyDi's Vicious ReWrite)
  • Lentos - Forget About Us


  • Markus Schulz - Without You Near (Bootleg, unreleased)
  • BT feat. JES - The Light in Things
  • Vegas Baby feat. Angelic - For The Love of You
  • Allure feat. JES - Show Me the Way
  • Fabio XB - Reflected



  • Cher - Woman's World (22 July)



  • Never Seems So/Starcrossed (Trancetribe Recordings)



  • When I Go (You Will Know) (S107 Recordings)
  • tyDi Remixed (ARVAS)


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